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MEDH (MedX Holdings Inc.)

medh logoMedX Holdings Inc. (MEDH) is a U.S. holding company who uses a specific approach to target acquisitions of medical related businesses, products, and services to expand their portfolio.

The “collaborative profit” approach is MEDH’s preferred method of acquiring businesses, products, and services in the medical field in which MEDH allows each acquisition to become a stand-alone subsidiary and allows each small business to remain in control of the business owner. Through this concept, all parties are mutually benefitted and opens the avenues for  an expanded portfolio and increased profits.

Currently, MEDH is emerging as a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor through a Recent Licensing and Exclusive Marketing Agreement with a company whose pharmaceutical sales exceeded $7 million in 2015 in addition to securing an agreement with one of the largest FDA manufacturers in the nation. As so, MEDH’s first product in the market will be a 5% Lidocaine Ointment 50g jar., lidocaine is a commonly used anesthetic or numbing medication for pain relief in the mouth and throat or pain associated with minor cuts, burns, scrapes, or irritations on the skin.

Moreover, the company has Welcomed a New VP for the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Development whose previous 23 year experience as a licensed pharmacist will assist MEDH in expanding its wholesale distribution in other U.S. states. For starters, the company will currently distribute in the state of Alabama and will directly ship to a partner in Florida.


Website(s): www.medxholdings.com


Market Outlook:

  • Lidocaine is a highly sought after anesthetic, or numbing medication, commonly used for relieving pain in the mouth and throat and reliving pain and/or itching associated with minor cuts, scrapes, burns, or irritations on the skin.
  • According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global analgesics market is estimated to total $26.4 billion by 2022.
  • North America and Europe collectively account for over 50% of the global analgesics market.
  • The U.S. occupies a majority of the North American global analgesics market.
  • The global pharmaceutical market generates revenues exceeding USD $1 trillion.
  • North America alone generates over 40% of the revenues.

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