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Five Ways you Can Benefit from a Penny Stock Alert

Penny Stock Alert

Penny Stock Alert Keeps you Informed

Investors, speculators and day traders, can all benefit by taking advantage of a penny stock alert. Trying to keep up on the latest news and information about a small stock that you have been following is not easy. While the Internet is an excellent resource for finding out information about large, publicly traded companies, it is not very useful for penny stock research.

Five Good Reasons to Get a Penny Stock Alert

1. Breaking News – Before the news becomes widely available, you can be among the first to know. Penny stocks often react quickly to even minor changes to a young company and you can seize the opportunity to invest before the price goes way up (or down).

2. Volume Changes – A sure sign that a stock might be ready for a breakout is increased investor volume. A penny stock alert can tell you whether 1,000 shares traded yesterday or 200,000 shares changed hands.

3. Insider Buying – When insiders buy big blocks of stock, it means that they believe the stock will do well. Get the heads up on such trades.

4. Chatter – If you do not have the time or inclination to follow all of the online talk about the company, a penny stock alert can let you know what people are saying about the company.

The buzz from people close to the company may be valuable, but, be wary of the possibility of people trying to talk up the price of the stock.

5. Latest Chart Patterns – While penny stocks do tend to have a short history, it is still beneficial to track the selling price, be it for just a few months or a few years.

When you subscribe to a penny stock alert, you gain knowledge to information that you would otherwise not be able to obtain without devoting major amounts of your valuable time.

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Keep Track of Your Stocks with a Penny Stock Alert

Penny Stock Alert

What Is a Penny Stock Alert?

A penny stock alert is anything that lets you know how your penny stocks are doing. Most alerts come as part of an investment software package. Investment software usually performs a number of other functions as well. It allows you to research and trade stocks and it gives you the opportunity to track your investments and map trends. If you only want to use the stock alert, however, you may find that investment software is simply too expensive.

Fortunately, expensive investment software is not the only place that you can find a penny stock alert. Many online trading platforms include alert functions. While some of these trading platforms are as expensive to use as their software counterparts, others are completely free. This means that no matter how much you are willing to spend on your investment platform, you should be able to find a package that includes an alert function.

How Do You Use a Penny Stock Alert?

A penny stock alert can be used in a number of ways. If you have your eye on a specific stock, but are waiting for it to reach a certain price, you can program the alert to tell you when it is time to make your move. If you are waiting for just the right moment to sell a stock, your alert function can tell you this as well. The great thing about an alert is that is never makes decisions for you. It neither buys nor sells stocks without your say. It simply alerts you to the fact that a stock has started moving. The type of movement of which you are alerted, and your response, are completely up to you.

Stock alerts can happen in a number of ways. The alerts may appear on the dashboard of your trading program or they may be sent to your email. Today, most investors prefer that their penny stock alert is sent to their smart phone or other mobile device for easy access and quick response.

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Trading On Penny Stock Alerts

Trading On Penny Stock Alerts Requires Quick Action

Trading On Penny Stock AlertsThe most time sensitive type of penny stock trading is trading on penny stock alerts.  While more suitable for active penny stock traders who have quick access to the penny stock markets and information, casual penny stock traders can also take advantage of trading on penny stock alerts, but they have to be disciplined and willing to take quick trading action.

The key to successfully trading on penny stock alerts is to have procedures in place to quickly evaluate a penny stock alert to determine whether the penny stock that is the subject of the alert is worth trading, and then to execute a buy order soon afterward, if the evaluation is favorable.  While some penny stock alerts can be profitable trades long after the alerts are issued, the best way to reap a profit and avoid a potential loss from trading penny stock alerts is to be one of the first penny stock traders to act on penny stock alerts.

If possible, quickly check the best bid and best ask quotes via Level II Quotes for alerted penny stocks to determine a good price point to initiate a trade via a limit order.  Once a trader has a position in a penny stock that has been the subject of a penny stock alert, it is important to monitor the penny stock’s price action and momentum for clues as to whether the stock should be held for further gains or sold.

Avoiding The Pitfalls When Trading On Penny Stock Alerts

Trading on penny stock alerts can be very rewarding for experienced penny stock traders.  However, such trades can be treacherous for inexperienced penny stock traders.  Following penny stock trading rules can help a trader to avoid the pitfalls associated with trading on penny stock alerts.

First, always use a limit order when buying and selling penny stocks.  Due to the thin availability of many penny stocks, using market orders can be extremely dangerous, especially when buying a penny stock trading on penny stock alerts, as buying volume pours in.  Avoid being the top tick of the day by using limit orders.

Second, have a system in place to quickly perform due diligence on penny stock alerts as they are received, and be prepared to buy with a limit order, if the stock appears to be worth buying.  Failing to make quick decisions may mean the difference between a profit and a loss, or just a lost trading opportunity.

Third, have a realistic exit price in mind when initiating trades that are based on penny stock alerts.  It is fun to watch a stock that is trading on penny stock alerts race higher; however, without having a plan to get out of the trade, a trader may watch a penny stock race higher and then fall back, erasing all of their gains and profits.  Booking a modest 10% or 20% profit is preferable to watching a stock soar and fall back, and then selling it for a loss.

Fourth, keep in mind that it is okay to let some penny stock alerts go, if you feel as though it is too late to enter the penny stock trade.  There will always be new opportunities for trading on penny stock alerts.

Fifth, if trading on penny stock alerts is working out well in a particular penny stock, and a quick substantial profit can be booked, consider selling enough shares to cover your initial costs of entering the trade, and then let the rest of the shares ride until the trading momentum dies down.  Occasionally, penny stock alerts result in huge 1,000% gainers.  If it is possible to sell half one’s shares at a 100% gain and let the rest ride, a trader may be able to catch some of the 1,000% gainers with no risk of losing the initial investment.

There are many sources for penny stock alerts.  Many penny stock alerts websites, such as StockRockandRoll.com, offer penny stock alerts via email, so subscribers can receive the alerts anywhere.  Trading on penny stock alerts can be exciting and profitable for those who know where to find good penny stock alerts and how to trade them.

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