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Penny Stock Prophet Provides Consistently Profitable Penny Stock Alerts


Penny Stock Prophet Provides Consistently Profitable Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Prophet Logo

Penny Stock Prophet has built a reputation for producing consistently profitable penny stock alerts that has made the founder a legend amongst penny stock traders.  Now James Connelly is opening up his top ranked penny stock alert service to the wider penny stock trading community.  If you have been waiting to sign up for a penny stock alert site that consistently finds and picks winning penny stock trades, this is your opportunity to become part of the Penny Stock Prophet community and start profiting from their picks.

To demonstrate how to profitably trade their penny stock alerts, Penny Stock Prophet provides a video that shows how well one of their penny stock picks did in May 2014.  A picture paints a thousands words, and this video shows just how profitable it can be to join the Penny Stock Prophet community and start receiving their timely penny stock trading alerts.  Why spend time searching for hot penny stocks when Penny Stock Prophet can find them and alert you about hot penny stock trading opportunities on a regular basis?  They do the work, finding penny stocks that have the potential to make big moves and big profits for their subscribers, you just have to trade their stock alerts and understand when to buy and sell them for a profit.

Penny Stock Prophet Proves That You Can Turn $1,000 Into $1 Million

The founder of Penny Stock Prophet, James Connelly, knows how to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money trading penny stocks.  After dropping out of college, he devised a penny stock picking strategy that is capable of turning $1,000 into $1 Million, when the profits from each trade are reinvested in another penny stock trade.  It takes only thirty-eight profitable penny stock trades to turn $1,000 into $1 Million, and remarkably each trade only has to gain 20% to reap this incredible gain of 99,900%.  Putting together thirty-eight profitable penny stock trades that gain 20% each is something that is attainable by any penny stock trader, even you.

Penny Stock Prophet’s stock alert service just makes it all that much easier to find consistent 20% gainers.  Let’s face it a 20% gain per trade is a very modest goal in the world of penny stock trading.  As we all know, many penny stock trades are much more profitable than a mere 20%, which is why Penny Stock Prophet’s path from $1,000 to $1 Million in thirty-eight 20% profitable penny stock trades is so exciting.  It actually is achievable!

What Makes Penny Stock Prophet Different Than The Rest of the Penny Stock Alert Sites

Penny Stock Prophet Profits
The thing that really makes Penny Stock Prophet different than the rest of the penny stock alert sites is their focus on making relatively small gains, with their eyes on the big prize of turning $1,000 into $1 Million by successfully executing thirty-eight trades with modest 20% gains.

Yes, everyone loves the hundreds of percent and even thousands of percent gains that penny stocks occasionally produce, and so does Penny Stock Prophet.  However, who needs thousands of percent ten-bagger swing-for-the-fences types of trades that sometimes backfire, when you can instead focus on making more modest 20% gains, and do so consistently enough to turn $1,000 into $1 Million?

Think about it, if Penny Stock Prophet came through with a winning 20% pick every week, you could turn $1,000 into $1 Million in less than a year’s time, even if not all of their picks worked out.  Of course, not every penny stock pick is going to be profitable, but with proper risk management, losses can be minimized, and gains can be maximized to achieve the 20% average gain per Penny Stock Prophet trade and make incredible gains over the course of a year.

Penny Stock Prophet’s Talent For Finding Penny Stocks Ready To Break Out

Penny Stock Prophet’s founder James Connelly’s was given the nickname “The Penny Stock Prophet” by fellow penny stock traders, due to his uncanny ability to identify breakout penny stocks that are poised to make big gains.  To start receiving his amazingly consistent winning penny stock alerts, you need to take action and sign up for the Penny Stock Prophet newsletter.

As a Penny Stock Prophet member, you will receive weekly Penny Stock alerts, his own independent research, and very specific reasons why he thinks a penny stock is ready to break out to a higher trading range.  He also provides educational guidance regarding how to properly set limit orders and which penny stock newsletters he likes and thinks provide the most profitable stocks.

How To Sign Up For Penny Stock Prophet and Start Making Money Trading Penny Stocks

Signing up for Penny Stock Prophet is very easy.  You can start making money trading their penny stock alerts right away.  A one-year subscription to the Penny Stock Prophet newsletter is only $47.  You can easily make that back on just one profitable Penny Stock Prophet trade alert.  Best of all, you have eight weeks to try out Penny Stock Prophet, and if you do not like it, then Penny Stock Prophet offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying out Penny Stock Prophet, so give it a try.  In fact, if you are someone who likes a challenge, then sign up for Penny Stock Prophet and see if you can book thirty-eight profitable 20% trades using Penny Stock Prophet’s stock trading alerts, and turn $1,000 into $1 million.  Now that is a challenge, and one you will be happy you took on!  Sign up for Penny Stock Prophet today!

Penny Stock Prophet Sign Up

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Making Sense of Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts

Do Penny Stock Alerts Really Work?

In theory, everyone knows that the road to riches isn’t paved with blind obedience to someone else. If a financial advisor were truly able to pick an above-average number of winners, he would be employed as the highest paid portfolio manager on the planet. Consequently, he would have no need to tout his services to small scale investors or give away his advice for free. Because they are generally offered for free or on a very low-fee subscription basis, penny stock alerts are of limited value to an ordinary investor, but are not of zero use whatsoever.

Value is occasionally found in the recommendations themselves, but certainly not on the surefire basis that the originators of such schemes claim. More importantly, stock alerts provide important clues as to where the herd may be heading, regardless of whether it is a good idea to go there or not. In other words, jumping on a stock that is starting to hit the various alert lists allows an investor to have something in inventory which is about to be in greater demand among the general public.

This becomes a species of ride-sharing arrangement with the alert broadcasters, who are often intent on building up interest in stocks they already own or are paid to promote. A clever and careful fellow traveler can swoop in and get the stock at its preboomlet price. This investor then waits until a penny stock alert generates appetite among the general public, which is then met by selling latecomers the stock which was acquired at the start of the campaign.

In this regard, all the work and publicity that gets done by the stock alert industry can represent free advertising for one’s own stock, as much as it is for the stock held by the group behind the effort. Free, professional-grade advertising is always something worth taking advantage of.

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Keep an Eye on the Market with Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts Offer Fair Warning

Most investors have jobs that require them to employ penny stock alerts as a way of keeping ahead of the game. These alerts are on a par with most other forms of stock advisories, in that they offer timely notice of upcoming moves in the chosen market segment. Investors are then free to tailor their strategy to whatever information is contained in the alerts.

Types of Penny Stock Alerts

There are two basic types of alerts offered by most services which perform these functions. Tactical alerts come when a particular penny stock shows sudden movement in the daily stock chart or generates some unexpected piece of news that is likely to affect its share price and prospects immediately.

A stock that suddenly announces it is the target of a buyout offer from some large cap company is one that most penny stock investors would be interested in knowing about. Likewise, investors would like to know about a company that reveals its CTO has just been arrested on a charge of industrial espionage on behalf of its Chinese competitors. News such as this is frequently accompanied by a frantic race to get onboard or abandon ship forthwith.

The second type of information conveyed by penny stock alerts is strategic in nature. While all penny stock information is much more time sensitive than data for larger cap firms, this particular type of data represents more of a long term prospect than the immediate harbinger of destruction or sainthood revealed in tactical alerts. A company that reveals a slightly stronger than expected Q4 or announces a program of cost cutting measures is one that is offering up information for the investor to digest at a more sedate pace.

Regardless of which sort of heads up is generated, subscribing to a service that offers penny stock alerts is one way of staying on top of things without having to get too deep into the weeds on a personal level.

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Penny Stock Alerts and You

Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts Are Important

Penny stock alerts let you know about movements on the market. While this may sound like a very basic tool, it is far more important than you might think. Penny stocks do not get the news coverage of typical stocks, and few sources give you information that is actually up to date with the fast-moving market. If you are willing to find great alerts, you put yourself in the company of those who actually profit in a very volatile market. While not perfect, these alerts do represent an important tool for investors.

Good Penny Stock Alerts Are Invaluable

Penny stock alerts are the lifeblood of trading. There is no way that a single individual can keep up with the quick and fluid nature of penny trading, and a missed opportunity does lead to missed money. Good penny stock alerts, then, are the only thing standing between many traders and making ultimately profitable decisions. These alerts might let you know when a stock is about to be hot or when one is expected to fall, but paying attention to each alert is what will let you become more informed without requiring you to spend all of your time and energy in research.

The most important part of getting alerts is finding an alert that you can trust. Without that, you might find yourself jumping at the call of a pump and dump scam or trusting in information that is only there to get your credit card information. If you are willing to take the time to find a great alert and to go with its recommendations, though, you might actually learn how to make a profit. While penny stock alerts may not be what make you rich, they do provide an important tool for getting you there.

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Receive Timely Buying Opportunities with Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts

Picking Penny Stock Alerts Winners is More Than Just Luck

It is ever so important for investors who wish to participate in the risky small cap or penny stock market to get timely penny stock alerts. Information about small start-up companies is not readily available like it is for a NYSE listed stock. Smart traders and investors can get valuable insight into these young companies by having penny stock alerts sent directly to their email box.

Find Promising Companies with Penny Stock Alerts

One of the hardest things to do on your own is to find little known companies that have the potential to grow exponentially in a matter of months. Getting in on the ground floor can lead to tremendous profits. While most penny stocks never pan out into the next INTEL or APPLE, there are still numerous opportunities for earning a return of 200, 500 or more than 1,000 percent on your original investment.

Whether you are a day trader or more of a long term investor, penny stocks can be a suitable investment vehicle for the speculative portion of your total portfolio. Penny stock alerts can give you an edge over other investors in this thinly traded market. You can be notified if there is a sudden change in volume. Unusually high volume can move a penny stock, up or down, in dramatic fashion.

You can also receive the latest news about the company that could send the stock skyrocketing if you act quickly. A small biotech company that gets FDA approval for a drug they are working on can go up a thousand percent in a matter of a few hours.

Many times, the news comes out after trading is over for the day. With penny stock alerts, that can be emailed at any time of day or night, you will be ready to make a trade the minute the market opens.

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Using Penny Stock Alerts to Make Profitable Picks

Penny Stock Alerts

Penny Stock Alerts are Helpful Investment Tools

Investors are always looking for new ways to increase the value of their portfolios, and many of them are using penny stock alerts to help them find the most lucrative investments. Penny stocks were once thought to be too risky by many investors, but they are becoming increasingly popular, as a number of traders have been able to gain massive profits from them. These stocks are riskier than traditional shares of stock, but they offer a much greater potential. However, it is important for investors to be provided with good information before they decide to purchase shares of penny stocks. This is why penny stock alerts can be so helpful.

The Valuable Information Contained Within Penny Stock Alerts

Penny stock alerts consist of valuable pieces of information intended to help investors find the most attractive picks. The information contained within these alerts can give an investor the edge he or she needs to stop losing money and start profiting. Although these alerts are never guaranteed to help investors choose profitable penny stocks, they give traders a wealth of useful information. For example, the alerts typically include information regarding major news about the companies in question, unusual momentum or volume of certain stocks and reliable rumors that can help investors choose the stocks most likely to become profitable.

Investing Profitably in Penny Stocks

While many investors remain skeptical of penny stocks, a number of them have been able to use their knowledge in combination with special alerts to earn impressive profits. Most penny stocks will lose money, but the stocks that gain in value are able to offer tremendous monetary rewards to investors. For those who have struggled to make a profit by trading traditional stocks, this is great news. By using research, experience and the right penny stock alerts, investors can see amazing profits from these low-value stocks.

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