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The Advantages of a Penny Stock List

Penny Stock List

Do You Need a Penny Stock List?

Experienced investors may think that they do not need a penny stock list. However, the virtual sea of penny shares that surround you in the OTC markets prohibits any thorough investigation of the investment possibilities. That is why you need a penny stock list and some decent software to sift through the possibilities. In order to make money with these investment options, you must be able to locate opportunities fast and analyze them even faster.

With the right penny stock list, you can get some support for your own intuitions and your analyses of the stocks in question. Many penny stock lists are put together by knowledgeable people. They cannot guarantee that the items of their lists will bring you profits. However, they can guide you toward stocks that have already been vetted in one way or another and save you some of the initial digging. Furthermore, the stocks on these lists save you the time and expense of searching the OTC lists.

2012 Penny Stock List

The best penny stock list for 2012 carries a wide variety of selections. You do not have to focus your investments in one corner of the market when you buy these stocks. Instead, you will find that the volatility of today’s market makes many distinct penny stocks into excellent options for rapid profits.

• Great Wall Builders Ltd.—A green energy company that looks to increase vehicle mileage.

• Osteotech Inc—This biotech stock has extra support because it also focuses its business on helping to aging population of the world to avoid bone deterioration.

• Samson Oil & Gas Limited — company ready to begin exploiting huge reserves of shale rock oil.

These choices can be the starting points for your own penny stock list.

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Using a Penny Stock List to Your Advantage

Opportunities on a Penny Stock List

Penny Stock ListReviewing a penny stock list can present you with a lot of unexpected opportunities. Many traders already know that penny stocks offer them chances to increase their earnings exponentially. These fantastic profits are due to the low price of penny stocks. However, there are many other opportunities in penny stock investments from which a stock trader can derive a lot of satisfaction.

If you use a penny stock list wisely, you can find some great deals on stocks that are ready for a breakout. When the value of a quality stock lowers down to this price level, you can purchase many more stocks than you normally do. This allows you to profit even more from the slightest upward adjustment in price. A positive movement of just five cents does not usually mean much when you are trading in mid cap or large cap stocks. When the stock only cost five cents originally, this sort of price performance effectively doubles your investment.

Penny stocks also offer investors some other unexpected opportunities. The small price tag means that you can buy a sizable portion of a company and become one of its major stockholders. You can do this with very little funding. If you bought the five-cent stock mentioned in the example, you could pick up 100,000 shares for just $5,000.

 The low cost of the items on a penny stock list may also allow you to invest in sectors in which you have never previously invested. Many business efforts in biotech and in precious metals have high-priced stocks. However, you can encounter examples from many such sectors on a penny stock list.

 Where to Find a Penny Stock List

Look for a list of penny stocks on the Internet. Many websites issue newsletters that contain their recommendations for the week. Use such a penny stock list to widen your trading horizons.

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Create a Penny Stock List To Provide a Trading Edge

Savvy Traders Create a Penny Stock List

penny stock listSavvy penny stock traders create a penny stock list to track penny stocks that they wish to track for future trading opportunities.  A penny stock list is a good way to ensure that future penny stock trading opportunities are not lost during busy trading days, and penny stock trading opportunities are acted upon in a timely manner.

Active penny stock traders come across many potential penny stock trading opportunities each day, some of which are not immediate trading opportunities.  Without some method of tracking future penny stock trading opportunities, penny stock traders may miss future trading opportunities and profits.  This is why creating a penny stock list is essential to track penny stocks that have the potential for future gains and profits.  The list can also be used to track target prices for exiting currently held penny stock positions.

Penny stock trades that are worth tracking on a penny stock list include a number of different types of penny stock trades.  Penny stocks that consistently trade within a trading range can be tracked on a penny stock list to alert a penny stock trader when a buying or selling level within the trading range has been reached.  Penny stocks that have pending news at a future date can be tracked to ensure a position is opened or closed around the news event.  Penny stocks that have a history of making moves during certain times of the year or political events can be tracked to ensure a position is opened or closed around seasonal or political events.

What a Penny Stock List Should Include

A penny stock list should at the very least include:  the stock symbol, the current stock price at the date and time the stock is added to the list, the reason the stock was added to the list, and a price that appears to be a good level to initiate or close a position.  The stocks that are added to the penny stock list should then be tracked in real-time to determine if the reason it was added to the list has been met.  Serious penny stock traders may wish to use sophisticated penny stock tracking systems that provide automatic real-time alerts when price levels are reached or news is released for penny stocks being tracked.  Being an organized trader, by creating a penny stock list, can lead to better trading decisions and ultimately more penny stock trading profits.

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