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Deciding to Buy the Penny Stock of the Day

The Penny Stock of the Day and Websites that Advertise Them

Penny Stock Of The DayThe  penny stock of the day is a common selling point for many websites; this is done by enticing customers in with examples of success and offers of cheap stocks that almost always increase in value.  The volatile nature of penny stocks requires a frequent amount of tracking; the frequency is necessary because a pink security can go bankrupt or gain momentum on any day of the week.  The fact that nearly 90% of all penny stocks go bankrupt makes it difficult to keep making money in the high risk market.  Research becomes even more important before investing in a volatile penny stock.

 Avoiding Penny Stock of the Day Scams

Some websites will advertise obscene levels of profit; there is a great way to take advantage of websites that boast such extravagant success.  Reviewing the daily trades the website has recommended in the past is a great way to understand the trend analysis the website is using to pick stocks.  If these decisions were made honestly, then it should be possible to track the reasons behind the purchases and extrapolate the information to determine the picks for the next few days.  If the trending does not match up over the last few weeks, then it can be determined the website is using some form of scam to produce the fake penny stock of the day results to garner subscriptions.

The problem with high risk stock investments is the lure of possible profits.  Some investors will take information on blind faith and end up putting all their money into the latest pump and dump scheme.  By cross referencing information and learning how to evaluate stocks, an investor will be better equipped to know when something is a scam.  The information available online should be used as advice and a teaching tool; this will allow an investor to determine good investments without the need of a third party.  A penny stock of the day website will work as a great teaching tool on how volatile pink securities are.

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