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Penny Stocks

Investing in the stock market is not unlike investments of any other aspect. With every amount you are looking to invest, there is always a risk, and penny ptocks hold the very same risks as would any other type of stock or investment. Penny stocks are traded just like regular stocks, are treated the same, and are a great way for novice investors to learn how to research, what calculated risks to take, and how the markets can swing with very little financial backlash from fluctuating prices that may turn out to be good or bad investments. Read on to find out more about penny stocks and the advantages in investing in them!

penny stocksWhat are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are stock offered up by smaller companies going public, that can offer up shares of ownership in their company at a much cheaper market price. Some of the better known companies charge upwards of $100 for one share of their company stock. But penny stocks are a cheaper way to make an investment, lower your risk, and have an opportunity to make more on your investment. Make no mistake, penny stocks are fully fledged stocks that offer you the opportunity to make money at a much lower cost, usually, and lower risk than more traditional stock venues.

How do they work?

Penny stocks are exactly what they seem to be. Usually costing less than a dollar, they afford those who are looking to invest in stocks and opportunity to do so at a much cheaper cost. So say you are buying a stock worth about ten cents. You’d be able to buy 5000 shares for only about a five hundred dollar investment. So let’s say that share price over the course of a month rises to a dollar a share. In a month you would have made $5000.00 on your initial $500 dollar investment. Much easier than investing in brand name investments which may cost more and take longer to gain equity for you in the same amount of time, isn’t it? Traded and treated the same as on any other stock exchange, penny stocks offer first time investors a way to learn how to research new up and coming companies as well as diversify their stock options allowing for a greater band of success in many different companies and industries beyond what say the average person looking at stock prices would gather.

Price growth

Penny stocks, unlike regular stocks traded on the stock exchanges, can gain relatively quicker than traditional stocks. As we’ve mentioned earlier, It is much more likely for the penny stock to gain momentum and value in a shorter amount of time than let’s say a share of a better more expensive and established stock. That being said, there are no promises that the particular stocks you buy up on the penny markets, will grow to the example listed above. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, the key to any sort of successful investment comes from the research you do on the company and the products or services rendered before any money is invested, even at the lowest conceivable levels. Pay attention to what the stock is worth at current day, understand the direction and growth of the company and the industry that you are going to place your monetary confidence in. The biggest monetary return comes from the most in-depth research.

Multiple Stocks

Some of the most solid financial and investing advice I have ever been given, said never to place all of your money and resources in one company. This advice I still follow today. And the same can be understood and practiced when it comes to investing in penny stocks. In fact, the concept is easier in dealing with investing in penny stocks, because the amount of money you are investing is so small, you are able to spread it or over various companies, and in essence, you are growing your investment portfolio.

Penny stocks offer up an interesting opportunity. They give a novice investor the chance to learn the tricks of the trade, while risking very little monetarily. One can learn and experiment in trading tools, researching different industries, and learning about new products and services on the rise all the while helping to fund a company via buying up stock and selling as the market and prices change from day to day. Penny stocks offer an investor the knowledge and experience needed to become a serious and seasoned trader, who will learn from these experiences and be able to input them into the more traditional markets for bigger investments and a more solid return on their initial monetary investment. Stockrockandroll.com offers a more in-depth understanding, and allows you the user to become a savvy and well rounded penny stock investor right from the comfort of your own home!

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Hot Penny Stocks of 2013


Market Performance YTD 2013

hot penny stocks

2013 has been a great year for the stock market overall, and it seems the great recession is drifting further away in the rear-view mirror. So far all three (3) major U.S. Indexes are up year to date (YTD).
• Dow Jones +11.6% YTD
• S&P 500 +9.84% YTD
• NASDAQ +9.35% YTD

For penny stock investors the news is even better. Small cap indexes such as the Russell 2000 and S&P Small Cap 600 are showing even greater increases (YTD) in 2013.
• Russell 2000 Index +11.91% YTD
• S&P Small Cap 600 +15.52% YTD

Hot Penny Stocks

For this post we will be analyzing four (4) of the hottest penny stocks for 2013. All American Sportpark, Inc., Cleantech Transit, Inc., Sanborn Resources, Ltd., and Zurvita Holdings, Inc. have seen huge price gains so far during 2013 and I’m going to look closely at each to see if they can keep up this trend.

AASP LogoAll American Sportpark Inc. (AASP)

All American Sportpark Inc. (AASP), is up +1,445.45% YTD for 2013 and it is one of the lowest YTD gainers we are analyzing today. Founded in 1984, AASP operates Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas Nevada. The company sits on 42 acres of land has a 9 hole golf course and 113 range stations. Facilities include a Callaway Golf Fitting Center, Saint Andrews Golf Shop, and Upper Deck Grille & Sports Lounge.

Notable Financial Statistics

For the quarter ending March 30, 2013
• Net Income: (901,000)
• Current Assets: 273,000
• Long-term Assets: 933,000
• Current Liabilities: 11,447,000
• Long-term Liabilities: 12,230,000
• Cash Flow From Operating Activities: (63,000)

The finances of AASP look very bleak, so I took a peek at their March 31, 2013 10 Q to figure how (if any) they are able to pay their current liabilities. The company is able to generate a positive cash flow and and secure capital through additional debt financing. In the first quarter AASP struck a deal with TaylorMade/adidas Golf Company (TMaG) to create a new facility and new brand name in order to obtain an influx of cash over the next five years. AASP received $200,000 from TMaG in early April.

AASP relies heavily on related party debt transactions. Without this source of funding their would be a material, adverse effect on their operations. Without the ability to defer payables AASP would have extremely limited cash resources without the return to profitability. As long as AASP complies with the terms and conditions of their agreement with TMaG, AASP will receive future funding on March 26, 2014 and March 26, 2015.

Hot Penny Stock or Bust?

Pick: BUST – Looking at the chart below AASP has taken off since their 10 Q was published by Edgars on May 23, 2013. There are two reasons why the companies stock has skyrocketed over the past month. Their ability to secure funding from TMaG and the decrease in net loss from the prior 3 quarters. Still this company is extremely dependent on their relationship with TMaG and their ability to comply with the terms and conditions in the agreement between the two companies. I fully expect this company to cool off for the rest of the year. Its current price is near the top of its 52 week high and well above its 200 day simple moving average. Currently trading at $1.70.

Hot Penny Stock All American Sportpark Inc

Cleantech Transit, Inc. (CLNO)


Cleantech Transit, Inc. (CLNO) is surely a hot penny stock for 2013. The company has increased +14,900.00% YTD. Founded in 2006, CLNO (Las Vegas, Nevada) has shifted its focus several times. Starting out in mining the company was unable to find any profitable gold and silver mines. In 2010, CLNO shifted its focus to green energy when it acquired a 40% interest in Ortigalita Power Company, LLC. After being unable to secure enough funding to make the powerplant profitable the company chose to write-off its investment in Ortigalita Power Company. CLNO is now focusing renewable energy.

Key Financial Statistics

For the quarter ending April 29, 2013
• Net Income: (260,000)
• Revenue: 0
• Current Assets: 1,000
• Current Liabilities: 176,000
• Change in Cash & Cash Equivalents: (0)

The most striking statistic about CLNO is its inability to produce revenue since it was founded in 2006. The company has tried several different ways (in several industries) to generate revenue and has come up short with each attempt. The company has a new CEO Billy Barnwell and on June 21, 2013 the company acquired an 81% interest in Discovery Carbon Environmental Securities Corporation. Through its new acquisition CLNO expects to generate significantly higher revenue through its new line of products and services.
Well, any revenue is better than 0, right?

Hot Penny Stock or Bust?

Pick: Hot Penny Stock – Looking at the chart below we can see that CLNO really started to take off on June 3, 2013 when it was announced that the company would be acquiring Discovery Carbon Environmental Securities Corporation. The company is taking on significantly larger revenues and is part of the World Environmental Commodities Market Place. Even with their current success, I admit I’d like to know a little more about Discovery Carbon Environmental Securities Corporation before purchasing the stock myself. I definitely think this is a stock to take a serious look at. Currently trading at $0.30.

Hot Penny Stock Cleantech Transit, Inc

Sanborn Resources, Ltd. (SANB)

Sanborn Resources, Ltd. is one of the hottest penny stocks of 2013 with a +85,566.67% YTD gain on its share price. Founded in 2011, (West Palm Beach, Florida) SANB focuses on mining and minerals in Peru.

Key Financial Statistics

For the quarter ending March 30, 2013
• Net Income: (58,000)
• Revenue: 0
• Current Assets: 50,000
• Current Liabilities: 174,000
• Change in Cash & Cash Equivalents: 19,000

On April 3, 2013 the company acquired Rae Wallace Peru S.A.C. for $700,000. Rae Wallace is the owner of certain mineral properties and mineral rights located in Peru. Some of the properties are subject to third party royalty rights for the sale of any mineral produced by such properties. While the company has yet to report a revenue they are getting very close and will begin mining soon.

Hot Penny Stock or Bust

Pick: Hot Penny Stock – Looking at the chart below we can see that SANB jumped on April 15, 2013 upon news of its acquisition of Rae Wallace Peru S.A.C. With its new acquisition of Rae Wallace Peru S.A.C. SANB should be able to produce steady profits in the resource rich country of Peru. While it has taken on substantial liabilities to purchase the Rae Wallace the mine does look promising for SANB. One thing to be careful here is the trading volume is extremely low which indicates a larger spread between the Bid/Ask price. In this case I expect trading volume to pick up and the spread to narrow upon the companies next financial report. Once we understand how much revenue and net income the company can generate from its new rights to mine in Peru. Currently trading at $0.26.

Hot Penny Stock Sanborn Resources, Ltd

Zurvita LogoZurvita Holdings, Inc. (ZRVT)

Zurvita Holdings, Inc. (ZRVT), is another hot penny stock for 2013 gaining +681.25 YTD. ZRTV (Houston, Texas) focuses on beverages and its biggest product is Zeal, a natural nutrition drink line for blocking carbohydrate absorption, cleansing, fat burning and appetite suppressant. The company also engages in ZLinked technology which is online advertising solutions for small and medium based businesses.

Key Financial Statistics

For the quarter ending Jan. 30, 2013
• Net Income: (784,000)
• Revenue: 7,274,000
• Current Assets: 1,704,000
• Current Liabilities: 3,206,000
• Change in Cash & Cash Equivalents: (59,000)

For the past few quarters ZRTV has been growing revenue at an average of 49.6% while only increasing its expenses by an average of 47.6%. This quarter the company incurred a huge jump in selling and administrative costs as it has steadily been expanding its operations.

Hot Penny Stock or Bust?

Pick: Hot Penny Stock – Looking at the chart below ZRVT reach a high of $0.69 on May 7, 2013 before falling sharply to $0.15 on May 22, 2013. Since May 23, 2013 the company has been trending higher and closed on June 28, 2013 at $0.35. With ZRVT’s consistently increasing revenue and their amazing ability to market themselves online (which is very good for such a small company) I can only see this company continuing the trend with their next quarterly filing. They have also invested a great deal in their selling and marketing efforts which means they are really pushing hard to increase their revenues sharply this quarter.

Hot penny stock Zurvita Holdings, Inc


Hot Penny Stocks Wrap-Up

Well, there you have it. One bust and three hot penny stock picks! With this year shaping up to be a great one for both major markets and small cap indexes it seems that you should avoid All American Sportpark, Inc. and pursue investing in Cleantech Transit, Inc., Sanborn Resources, Ltd., and Zurvita Holdings, Inc. While no one can predict the future, these three picks look the most promising based on their recent trends.

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Great New Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Picks

Time to Look at These New Penny Stock Picks

Most investors know that a penny stock pick is more ephemeral than most other investment recommendations. These types of companies tend to bump along without making much news and then suddenly rocket up on the issuance of some favorable report. The trick is therefore to watch the penny stock universe very carefully and be ready to jump when a company appears to be on the verge of a breakthrough development.

Some Good Penny Stock Picks

Samson Oil and Gas (SSN) is an Australian firm that has been involved in exploration activities in North Dakota. Ordinarily traded on the Australian markets, SSN has recently started trading in American Depository Receipts (ADRs), which should greatly improve its access to capital and provide additional assurances that the stock is a legitimate investment.

Canada’s NovaCopper (NCQ) seems to be well-positioned for explosive growth once the world economy really starts to hum again. Because world copper supplies were very tight before the slowdown finally started matching demand with supply, a company such as NovaCopper with large new resources available for exploitation will be able to name their own terms eventually.

Small cap pharmaceutical Neostem (NBS) could well be the winning ticket when it comes to picking that fabled penny stock that goes all the way to the top. Concentrating on stem cell technologies as revolutionary treatments for a host of ailments, Neostem is not just a one trick pony. It is instead receiving attention and a welcome amount of grant money for many of its new products as they proceed through the clinical testing pipeline.

One of the best harbingers for all of these companies is the fact that they are receiving an increasing amount of attention from nonpenny stock analysts. These are all companies that are approaching the zone where a penny stock pick can lead to tremendous profitability.

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Making The Best Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Picks

Learning How to Locate the Most Lucrative Penny Stock Picks

Making the right penny stock picks is not easy, but it is the key to finding success with risky investments. Many investors simply avoid involving themselves with penny stocks because of the amount of risk involved. These stocks have very little value, and they almost never turn into lucrative wealth generators. However, many investors have been able to build fortunes by investing in penny stocks intelligently. They have spent time and effort determining the best ways to make the most lucrative picks, and the techniques that they use serve them well over time. If you are interested in learning how to make the best picks when it comes to penny stocks, you might have to invest some time and energy into educating yourself, but your efforts will almost certainly pay off in the form of increased income.

Learning the Subtle Differences

For those who are inexperienced in the world of investing, good penny stock picks cannot be discerned from bad ones. All penny stocks are associated with companies that are unknown to all but a few people, so it is difficult to find reliable information on which to base one’s investment decisions. Even though this is the case, you can begin to see patterns after you have spent time as an investor, particularly if you watch penny stock trends closely. Over time, you will begin to discover the secrets that make some investors so skilled at choosing the right penny stocks.

Find Out How to Make the Most Intelligent Penny Stock Picks

The best penny stock picks don’t always announce themselves in an obvious manner, but you can learn skills to help you notice the subtle, but important differences between smart picks and bad ones. Some people believe that penny stocks should be avoided, but they have not seen the wealth that can be generated by making intelligent picks. If you are ready to start making good penny stock picks, you can start the process of becoming an expert immediately by paying attention to the stocks and their behaviors in the market.

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Advice for Making the Right Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Picks

Give Penny Stock Picks a Chance to Boost Your Portfolio

If you are looking for ways to give your portfolio a boost, you should consider making some penny stock picks to diversify your investments. You are probably aware that penny stocks tend to be riskier than other investments, but the potential rewards that can be earned with them are unmatched. If you have lost money on penny stocks before, you should think about giving them another chance. With the right approach, you can learn how to use these special stocks to your advantage to earn the income you deserve.

Using Patience and Gain Experience

In order to make the proper penny stock picks, you must be patient and willing to take a few losses before you find a winner. When you make bad picks, you need to recognize the negative aspects of them before they cause you to lose too much money. This will help you minimize your losses so that you can focus on picks that offer a more lucrative payoff. As you increase the time you spend with penny stocks, you will begin to notice patterns and characteristics that will help you choose the best stocks and avoid the ones that are most likely to lead to losses.

The Best Penny Stock Picks can Give You a Competitive Edge

Penny stocks are not guaranteed to earn you money, but they offer more potential than virtually any other type of investment. Making the right penny stock picks can be difficult, but you can find success with the ideal combination of persistence, patience and experience. Over time, you will find that penny stocks can become a crucial aspect of your investment strategy. By investing wisely and making the proper penny stock picks, you can boost your portfolio in a way that will make other investors wonder about your secrets.

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Ferreting Out Hidden Value With Penny Stock Picks

Penny Stock Picks

The Search is on for Penny Stock Picks

The risk versus reward equation governs all categories of investments, including penny stock picks. The good thing about penny stocks is that the initial investment is so low that the risk half of the equation is surprisingly limited in comparison to the boundless appreciation possible on the reward side.

When penny stock picks move, they frequently move very fast and very far on both the red and black side of the ticker, so an investor needs to pay attention and act swiftly in order to post any gains. With that in mind, here are some candidates to keep an eye on.

Penny Stock Picks under the Microscope

• While many investors have a finger in the fracking pie, the recent election makes it likely that increased federal regulation of the industry is on its way. This makes the fracking wastewater cleanup company Ecosphere, ESPH, an interesting service play that is likely to profit no matter how well or poorly the actual producers are doing.

• Since penny stock picks are sometimes a lot like gambling, it only makes sense to combine those passions into a single bet. GBCS is the symbol for Global Casinos, which has been moving steadily upwards in an assault on the $1.00 barrier that symbolizes breakout from the true ranks of penny stocks.

• If ever there was a country in need of some green technology, then China is the place. For the truly adventurous among the environmentally conscious, CGRE.OB, China Green Energy Industries, Incorporated, offers something to fill a great and growing need in a country that is still booking significant GDP growth margins.

No matter where an investor’s interest may lie, there are a large number of small cap stocks clawing their way towards the light of public notice. Those penny stock picks that pop generally do so with astonishing rapidity.

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