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Why Invest In Penny Stocks?

Tremendous Profit Potential: Invest In Penny Stocks!

Invest In Penny Stocks

The question is often asked, “Why invest in penny stocks?”  There really is only one overriding reason to invest in penny stocks, and the reason is because penny stocks offer the best chance to make enormous profits in the stock market.  Stocks that trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ just do not offer the same opportunities to book large profits, as penny stocks do.  The key is for individual investors to take the initiative to learn how to trade, invest, and prosper from the plentiful profit opportunities that penny stocks offer.

A 100% gain (or a double) is considered a home run when investing in NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.  While 100% is a nice gain, only penny stocks offer on the opportunity to make 1,000% plus grand slam gains (ten bagger gains), which is why so many people invest in penny stocks.  The risks associated with investing in penny stocks are great, but the rewards can be even greater, if you know how to find the penny stocks that have the potential to make huge gains.

For many people, the answer to the question “Why invest in penny stocks?” is because they want to buy into companies before they reach their explosive revenue growth stage; before the stocks associated with emerging companies make explosive moves higher.  Unlike the NYSE and NASDAQ Initial Public Offering (IPO) market, which is only available to Wall Street fat cats, anyone can invest in penny stock companies before they are discovered by Wall Street and make big moves higher.

Investing In Penny Stocks Has Never Been Easier

It was not always so easy for the average investor to invest in penny stocks and realize the tremendous profit potential that penny stocks offer.  Before Internet based online brokers existed, traditional brokers charged for every share of a penny stock that was brought or sold, plus a fee, which could easily mean a $100 or more commission to buy or sell block of penny stock shares.  Not only were the commissions excessive, but the information regarding penny stock companies was limited and largely inaccessible to individual investors, which titled the market heavily in favor of Wall Street fat cats who could afford to subscribe to proprietary information sources.  These limiting factors kept many individual investors from investing in penny stocks.

Those days are long gone.  Now, unlimited shares of penny stocks can be bought and sold online for one flat fee of $10 or less, and information that was once reserved for well connected investors is now widely available (often for free) via the Internet.  In this modern Internet era, the cost of investing in penny stocks is negligible, the information about penny stock companies is abundant, and the profit potential is unlimited, which is why many investors decide to invest in penny stocks.

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