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RESS Renewable Energy Solution Systems

Providing a Solar Energy Alternative


Symbol:                          RESS .pk


Outstanding Shares:         169.9M

Float:                                             62.1M


Renewable Energy Solution Systems Inc. (RESS), formerly known as Critical Point Resources, is a Port Washington, New York solar energy technologies and equipment integrating company that is providing a solar energy alternative to the telecommunications, commercial, and industrial industries with a renewable energy Direct Current (DC) to DC- power converter, primarily on off-grid cell site markets.


RESS is utilizing the power that comes directly from the rays of the sun to produce a compatible power to coincide with the existing power management system the client may have. Current telecom equipment runs off of DC currents and must be continuous with no dips or spikes in the voltage. In addition, due to the fluctuation of the sun’s solar energy the power grid will go down and consequently, so will the solar power system. RESS’s patent pending technology, The Razor Series, is uniquely designed to become a redundant DC power source that will offset critical loads during the daylight time periods and stabilize the alternating and erratic voltage behavior from the solar arrays.


RESS has recently announced its global marketing campaign launch of its renewable energy solutions that will specifically target the global areas that have constant cellphone service interruptions due to the remote cell sites and unstable power grids such as Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. In addition, RESS has recently become a Sun Power Technologies distributor for DC powered heating, air conditioning (HVAC), and ventilation systems for wireless telecommunication cell sites. In conjunction with Sun Power Technologies, RESS will provide the wireless telecom market with maximum benefits of renewable energy generation such as an increase of life for current equipment and reduce operating costs for the wireless telecom site.


Website www.renewablesolutions.com


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