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RTXB Republic of Texas Brands

RTXB Republic of Texas Brands


Symbol:                        RTXB

Website(s):    www.republicoftexasbrands.com  www.republicoftexas.com


Outstanding Shares:      195.9M

Float:                                    58.2M


Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated (RTXB) is a Dallas, Texas headquartered company, incorporated in 2011, which engages in the $1 trillion Beverage & Food industry, specifically the million dollar Ready-Meals market, via RTXB’s three subsidiaries.


Through its BBQ & Steaks Subsidiaries, RTXB is providing the Ready-Meals market with pre-packaged smoked meat and poultry products such as beef, chicken, turkey, pork ribs, and spiral ham. As a pre-packaged item, RTXB’s comes smoked and cooked in a sealed package with a variety of flavors ranging from the popular barbeque sauce to jalapeno sausage and kielbasa. Accordingly, RTXB’s production facilities are equipped with state of the art USDA Inspection and Packaging equipment which will allow RTXB’s products to be vacuum sealed for optimal fresh flavor. Aside from the creation of pre-packaged meats and products, RTXB’s product line also includes the manufacturing, production, and sales of its Vodka and Tequila line.


Further distribution of RTXB’s meats will be seen through two Texas locations of its “1824 Texas Best Barbeque Restaurants” in which it shares a co-packing agreement with Bergheim Texas BBQ that secures RTXB with all the trade secrets and recipes needed. RTXB’s first restaurant location will be in Peco, Texas where the demand for fast casual dining is high as a result of the current oil and gas boom occurring in West Texas. RTXB continues its distribution expansion in which it has signed an exclusive agreement with a California company, MassMarketing, to distribute its products in giant retail stores such as Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s.

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