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SMAK Smack Sportswear

SMAK Smack Sportswear


Symbol:                   SMAK

Website:       www.smacksportswear.com


Outstanding Shares:  40M

Float:                           7.5M


Smack Sportswear (SMAK) is a Torrance, California headquartered athletic apparel company who is currently the leading brand of custom designed volleyball and beach team apparel.

After SMAK’s December Acquisition of Team Sports Superstore, SMAK’s focus is directed at the U.S 46 million and 800 million worldwide volleyball enthusiasts with a premier advantage over current athletic apparel companies as SMAK manufacturing headquarters are not located overseas yet are located right in California. Established only five miles away from the epicenter of beach volleyball, SMAK has the ability to offer its clients with world-class response, un-compromised quality, and supply chain excellence. Further advantages of SMAK include SMAK’s licensing agreements with key organizations such as the US Beach Volleyball, the National Collegiate Sand Volleyball Association, the EVP, the AVP, and NVL.Accordingly, SMAK’s are not only worn by Top Olympic and Pro Athletes, including US Men’s National Donald Suxho and Ex-Brazilian National Team Rodrigo Gil, yet are also tested by these leading athletic individuals. Adding to the “Team Smack” roster is SMAK’s Recent Signing of the #1 U.S Ranked Female Beach Volleyball Player Whitney Pavlik and Jenny Krop who have become SMAK’s current Athlete and Bikini Spokespeople.

As a result of the participation of top athletic individuals sponsoring SMAK’s apparel, SMAK recently launched its 2013 Sand Volleyball Team Apparel Line where SMAK will also allow the teams and sports clubs to design their own beachwear online through SMAK’s Online Uniform Builder.Additionally, SMAK recently Opened its Flagship Store in California where the facility is conveniently located to the thousands of teams, coaches, and visitor volleyball enthusiasts. For this reason, SMAK projects store sales of its first year in operations to range from $200,000-$300,000. Furthermore, SMAK additionally Announced a Partnership with the Ohio Valley Region Inc. who is known as one of the largest regional volleyball associations in the nation.

As seen, SMAK’s Expansion Strategy is successfully being implemented as a result of SMAK’s Newly Appointed CFO Charles Lesser , who served as CFO for True Religion Apparel Inc. in 2007, and will further assist SMAK’s expansion into new markets and secure additional licensing agreements.

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