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How Smart Penny Stocks Avoid “Censor” Trading

Smart Penny Stock Traders Definitely Do NOT Use TDAmeritrade and Other Brokers That “Censor” Trading…

smart penny stock tradersStockRockandRoll has gotten off to a spectacular start in 2012, with over 1,000% in total penny stock gains, which is why smart penny stock traders subscribe to StockRockandRoll’s penny stock alerts.  Our best pick of 2012, so far, was up over 200%.

Did you know that TDAmeritrade and a few other online stock brokers actually “censor” penny stock trading by their clients by limiting which penny stocks they are capable of buying?

Unfortunately, smart penny stock traders who tried to act on three of our recent successful penny stock alerts during the past two weeks found out the hard way that TDAmeritrade and other brokers do not allow them to trade all of the penny stocks that are available to trade.

StockRockandRoll wants to ensure that our smart penny stock traders understand that there are many reputable online brokers that do not engage in the type of penny stock trading censorship that TDAmeritrade does.  Etrade.com, Zecco.com, Scotttrade.com and Schwab.com are examples of reputable online brokers that smart penny stock traders can use to trade any penny stocks that are capable of being traded, without self-imposed restrictions regarding which penny stocks they make available for trading.  Changing online brokers makes sense financially, since TDAmeritrade users will find that other penny stock brokers offer similar penny stock trading fees.

StockRockandRoll encourages our smart penny stock traders to open an account at an online broker that does not censor penny stock trading, so that you are ready to trade our upcoming penny stock alerts without broker-imposed restrictions on your penny stock trading activities.

Our penny stock picks in 2011 produced potential profits of over 14,800%.  We are striving to beat our outstanding 2011 performance in 2012, which is why smart penny stock traders that subscribe to StockRockandRoll penny stock trading alerts should ensure that they do not miss out on our penny stock alerts due to brokerage trading censorship.  We encourage you to take action today against brokerage trading censorship by opening an account with an online broker that does not limit which penny stocks their clients can trade.


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