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Best Stock Market Software

When it comes to trading and analysis, arming yourself with the best resources at hand is your one-up on the competition. Optimizing your efforts and finding the best stock market software available can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Trading and investments have come a long way from going with gut, as technology has evolved greatly. While your gut instincts do factor to a certain degree, using the troves of stock market software out there as a reassurance is never a bad idea. With that being said, it can become difficult and overwhelming identifying the one right for you. In the end, the stock market software that is right for you will depend on your trading techniques and what your process is.

Create the perfect combination to your education, patience, experience, and instincts by finding the software right for you. Here are this year’s best five stock market software offerings available from both veterans of the game and newcomers.

After looking at these five products, we’ll take a look to see what Stock, Rock and Roll’s Mike Killian has to offer!

Stock Market Trading Styles

To give you an idea of what type of stock market software you should be looking for consider this. Are you more of a day trader, or a long term fundamental investor? If you fall into the former category you will definitely need real-time news, scanning and Level II streaming quotes. For the latter, your focus will most likely be on strong company and economic fundamentals scanning. The first three that we feature in this post contain assets for both trading styles while the last two are the best for each single one.

Top 5 Stock Market Software

(Photo Credit to: CyGroupOnline.com)

(Photo Credit to: CyGroupOnline.com)

1. eSignal – Created by Interactive Data Inc. eSignal is perfect for those scanning, broker and chart trading integration, and great charts. It’s ease of use and user interface can be used on PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets. eSignal also has one of the best available broker integrations including TD Ameritrade, Interactive Brokers and more. This stock market software also suits day traders with it’s real time scanning and screening of markets and updated watch lists. What makes it even better is how eSignal visualizes all of this data in one streamlined news feed. Out of the other stock market software we will look into today, eSignal is one of the most easiest platforms with both an intuitive and reactive interface.

2. Ninja Trader – Not only does this stock market software have a great name, it’s the next best platform for both day traders and long term investors. It offers it’s users automated broker integrated trading and a huge user community offering an array of webinars from educators and developers. Rather than paying for data as you use, your broker’s data is seamlessly integrated after a one time payment. Where Ninja Trader lacks is in the fundamental scanning and screening avenue, as it was not developed for these functions. Even with that said, it still offers real-time scanning and filtering based on technical indicators and price volume. An area where Ninja Trader succeeds is in technical analysis, offering users over 104 different indicators. The combination of real-time alerts, an assortment of drawing tools, and trade execution completely embodies the software’s title. It also helps that Ninja Trader is great for creating stock market systems that merge your developed systems right into auto-execution for the trades. It may not be the easiest stock market software to utilize, but packs quite a punch after getting used to it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they have a whole community offering advice to one another.

3. Telechart TC 2000 – Worden Brothers Inc.’s TC 2000 definitely gives the first two a run for their money. This stock market software is perfect for investors with a fundamental bias who rely on powerful screening and excellent charts on all platforms. Telechart has been in the stock market game for quite awhile with this latest release leaps and bounds from the original. Not only can you run Telechart on everything, but it is completely customizable and offers all the resources an investor may require. What can be a no-go for international investors is the fact that Telechart’s data coverage is exclusive to the US and Canada and does not offer options, futures, forex, or bonds. Another downside is the fact that Telechart is only integrated with TD Ameritrade, but redemption is found in their fundamentals screened in real-time layered with technical screens that all update live to your watchlists. Telechart also offers daily Market Commentary from Pete Worden himself along with their active communities who constantly share trading ideas through live chat. This platform also offers you an assortment of technical indicators including live alerts that you can configure as an email notification. Telechart also boasts one of the easiest platforms available, with a simple user interface any trader can use.

4. Multicharts – For all of the day traders reading this post, Multicharts maybe the right one for you. Offering you an amazing platform you can completely customize, an assortment of data feeds and a variety automatic trading options make this stock market software perfect for day traders. Multichart’s fast stock charting programs and it’s ability to run any kind of customized scenario you can think of also offers reassurance other platforms may not. The one apparent downside with Multicharts is it’s lack of mobile integration and notifications.

5. Trade Station – The final stock market software we will look into is Trade Station. This is a great platform for those seeking full broker integration, trading off charts, and frequent traders. Trade Station also has excellent customer service and global market data coverage. The assortment of choice and flexibility in market screening and filtering on both volume and other fundamentals like exotic data Trade Station surpasses many platforms in the scanning and screening area. If you think you can get an edge on the market in a certain way, you can screen it with Trade Station. While Trade Station does not provide market commentary, it still offers excellent real-time news service. Another area where Trade Station soars is in it’s technical analysis. Trade Station boasts over 145 different technical indicators ready for your technical analysis. Finish it off with it’s easy to use interface and extreme power, Trade Station can be a valuable asset for any long term investor.

What Mike Killian Has to Say

When I had the chance to ask one of Stock, Rock, and Roll’s founders, Mike Killian about his thoughts on stock market software he had this to say. Although he’s been out of the trading game for a few years he still offered this great hidden gem.

As Killian looks for undervalued stocks with upside potential to promote, he uses OTCMarket.com’s Free Stock Screener. Forget about paying fees and plans, save your cash and use their screen to search for stocks within a price range, stocks with the largest change percentage, volume, and more!

Stock Market Software Wrap-Up

In the end, the software is only as powerful the user. Like I said in the beginning, the stock market software perfect for you is the one that fits your style the best. Here are just some of the recommendations we have to offer, and hope that our insights have helped you make up your mind about what stock market software is perfect for you!

So, what software do you use? What do you think of the top five we’ve featured today?

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