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Clean Energy Investing: Green Your Portfolio

Going Green with Clean Energy Investing

clean energy investing

Many experts agree that clean energy investing is the way of the future. In fact, the last decade has seen the green movement rise to new heights of popularity. Hybrid cars, wind farms and even reusable shopping bags are all examples of how businesses have taken advantage of the current trend for going green. As numerous products continue to be introduced to the market, investors are also able to take advantage of the green climate. If you are considering going green with your portfolio, however, there are a few things to consider before you start clean energy investing.

A smart investor can approach clean energy investing in a number of ways. First, it is important to consider the vast array of green technologies introduced to the market each day. Recent advancements in solar panels have made solar power easily accessible to anyone who owns a home. Wind power is being used to supplement the electrical sources of many large power companies. As mobile technology has become one of the biggest industries in the world, even the tech companies have begun to incorporate green power into their designs. Computers and hard drives now run cooler, on less power. Rumor has it that a solar smart phone is even in the early stages of development. By being aware of the options, it will be much easier to make an informed investment.

Clean Energy Investing: Avoiding the Risks

One of the easiest ways to avoid the risks associated with clean energy investing is to have a basic understanding of how the technology works. It is hard to tell if a product is viable, if you do not understand at least a bit of the science behind it. While reading user manuals and product pitches can help increase your knowledge, the best way to gain understanding of the industry is through the internet. By joining a tech forum, you will have inside access to informed discussion and analysis of many of the latest products. You will gain a basic understanding of how they work and you will be able to see what is generating the most excitement. Becoming familiar with green technology may result in the biggest benefits to your clean energy investing strategy.

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Why Invest In Copper Mining Stocks

The Relevancy of Copper Mining Stocks

copper mining stocksCopper Mining Stocks do not have quite as much appeal as gold or silver mining stocks, but they can actually be very lucrative. With the world economy growing at such a fast-rate, investors would be wise to include some copper mining stocks in their portfolio. These stocks tend to rise in value as the world economy heats up. This represents the increased need for copper in construction projects.

However, even with the obvious growth of the world economy, copper mining stocks are not a sure thing. Prices can be very volatile in this section of the market and investors should carefully investigate a copper mine before sinking any money into a stock such as this. An investor should also look at the state of construction before making an investment in copper mines.

The same investor should also remember to look at the construction situation over the whole world and not just locally. In the United States, there has been an obvious downturn in the world of construction. When investors remember how China and other nations are developing, the picture for copper investment becomes a little more complicated. For this reason, only investors with a certain level of sophistication should delve into this part of the market.

Examples of Copper Mining Stocks

There are some copper mining stocks that are more popular than others are. BHP Billiton is an Australian copper mining company. The Newmont Mining Corporation is based in Colorado but it has mines on all the continents except Europe and Antarctica. Rio Tinto is a British company but, like Newmont, it has many mines spread across the whole world. Freeport McMoRan is one of the largest mining companies in the world and it owns mines in both North and South America. All of these copper mining stocks have long histories.

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Why Invest In Precious Metal Stocks

Precious Metal Stocks Protect You Against Inflation

precious metal stocksMany investors and other people are worried today about rising inflation. While the rate of inflation right now is not as bad as feared, few people doubt that inflation will accelerate due to the huge amounts of money that the US government has pumped into the economy. This inflation will destroy people’s savings, especially if those savings are just based in currency. People holding large bank accounts will see their money become worthless when inflation kicks in

To protect themselves against inflation, these people should begin to use these savings to invest in precious metal stocks. Precious metals cannot be inflated like fiat currencies can. They remain valuable because the amount of precious metals in the world does not increase very rapidly.

Furthermore, each of the precious metals has additional valuable qualities that make them desirable for more than just hoarding in case of inflation. The malleability of a precious metal such as gold has made it useful in many electronics applications, as has its natural inertness. Silver has a number of medicinal uses. Copper is used in construction projects, wiring and pipes. Platinum, a very valuable metal, is used in many forms of machinery. The utility of these metals only adds to their value. Precious metal stocks make good investments even when inflation abates.

Examples of Precious Metal Stocks

The Central Fund of Canada invests primarily in gold and silver bullion. The Hecla Mining Company focuses on silver but it actually has considerable reserves in gold, silver zinc and lead. Silver Standard Resources is transitioning from a development company to a production company. It possesses a huge body of ore in Argentina. Yamana Gold has diversified holdings in many precious metals all over the world. Any one of these precious metal stocks holds great promise in a world certain to experience rapid inflation.

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Buying Crude Oil Stocks

Crude Oil Stocks Are Complicated Investments

crude oil stocksA stock amateur watching crude oil prices and crude oil stocks over the last decade might have jumped to the conclusion that crude oil stocks were a sure thing. After all, crude oil rose from less than $40 per barrel to nearly $150 by the fall of 2008. It dived after that but already it has climbed briefly back to $100 before settling below that level. Almost all experts admit that it will never drop much farther than that due to the incredible worldwide demand for this precious commodity.

These same experts would bolster crude oil stocks with their predictions about the future. They say that we can expect to see crude oil prices above $90 in the near future and more than $100 in 2012. You can never rule out the kind of spike in prices that occurred in 2008. All these indicators point to crude oil stocks as certain and lucrative investments.

Drawback to Rising Crude Oil Stocks


However, this sort of thinking about crude oil stocks ignores the crucial relationship between crude oil prices and the rest of the economy. What is good for crude oil stocks may be very bad for the rest of your portfolio. Every time crude oil prices jump, the rest of the GDP falters. While your crude oil stocks are rising the rest of your investments may be tanking as the economy slows down due to the high price and lower supply of oil.

Trying to avoid this dichotomy in your portfolio by switching entirely to crude oil stocks has obvious drawbacks. Then you are setting yourself up for the inevitable plummet in price that follows these sorts of spikes. Crude oil stocks are certainly valuable investments but they need to be held in moderation.

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Investing In Steel Stocks

Why Steel Stocks Appeal

steel stocks

While the last recession may have slowed global consumption of many goods such as steel, steel stocks should make a comeback as the world economy recovers. China, the world’s fastest growing economy, is presently consuming half of all the steel produced in the world. India and other developing countries will not be able to avoid their need for more and more steel as their own economies grow. Furthermore, reconstruction in Japan may aid the steel producers in China, who are some of the biggest in the world.

However appealing the rising demand may seem, prices of steel stocks have taken a beating in recent times. Reaching a high in April of 2011, steel stocks have retreated since and seem to bear little relation to the still increased value of each ton of steel. Many investors see this as an opportunity, assuming that prices will bounce back quickly when people see that the fundamentals in many steel producers are very good and the present prices of steel stocks are abnormally depressed.

Steel Stocks to Watch

US Steel used to be the world’s biggest steel producer. Now it is responsible for just two percent of worldwide production. However, it has some advantages over other companies. It is nearly self-sufficient when you consider its supply of iron ore. Furthermore, it produces steel for almost 50 percent less than the steel-makers in China produce it. That gives this smaller company a lot of possibilities for growth.

Archelor Mittal is among some recently arrived producers of steel. This newer company now produces eight percent of the world’s supply every year. Other companies to watch are S.A. American Depository, Nucor and BHP Billiton. While these companies have some supply drawbacks not suffered by US Steel, as steel stocks they should prosper in a growing economy.

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Types Of Green Energy Investments

Biofuels as Green Energy Investments

green energy investments

Biofuels have a long-term potential as green energy investments. While oil is sure to remain in use for a long time to come, few people doubt that biofuels and other green energy investments are the eventual successors of this fossil fuel. One biofuel that is already being utilized across the world is ethanol, which is made from corn, beets or sugar cane.

In the United States, it is already common to mix ethanol with gasoline during part of the year in order to reduce certain emissions and reduce the consumption of oil. The ethanol in use in the United States is mostly made from corn, which this country can produce in abundance. In Brazil, there are even vehicles, which run entirely on this biofuel.

The possibilities for green energy investments in biofuels are endless, just as is the supply of biofuels. While the supply of oil is doomed to run out someday, biomass and associated wastes are always with us. They grow naturally and are always renewable. Even wastes found in landfills can be used to create methane, which is another type of biofuel.

Other Green Energy Investments

Other green energy investments that will draw more and more attention as time goes by are solar power companies, hydroelectricity plants, wind turbines and geothermal energy schemes. After the disaster in Japan, many countries are trying to speed up their conversion to green energy. They want to avoid the emissions from oil and coal. They also want to remove their dependence on nuclear power, which is cleaner than oil or coal but potentially much more dangerous.

Opportunities for green energy investments will continue to expand as time goes by. They are still in a distant second place to fossil fuels. However, most investors recognize that green energy investments have nowhere to go but up.

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