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TLPC Telepac Industries

TLPC Telepac Industries 


Symbol:                                     TLPC

Website:               www.telpacindustriesinc.com


Outstanding Shares:        29.3M

Float:                                           2.6M


Telepac Industries Inc. (TLPC) is a 1992 incorporated global mobile media company based in Beverly Hills, California who diverts full focus on Targeted Social Networks through the development and offering of a vertically integrated service where mobile content, mobile social networks, mobile micro-payments, entertainment and social mobile games, and other advanced mobile technologies are combined into one platform to meet the global demands for mobile and online content, services and commerce.


One of TLPC’s key focuses is directed toward the Global Mobility Market, expected to globally reach 1 Trillion by 2015, as more and more mobile consumers are accommodating to “mobile payments”. When adapting to new methods, many consumers and merchants create a high concern over the security of their banking information and finances. As a result, TLPC’s acquisition, made earlier this year, provides TLPC with a proprietary payment system that will enable TLPC to provide these critical components for mobile consumers along with other multiple eBanking solutions. Additionally, TLPC has recently announced its integration into the multi-billion dollar Mobile Social Game Marketplace where TLPC has executed a software programming contract with Revolution Studios Inc. In combination, TLPC and Revolution Studios Inc. will develop two mobile platform games, an interactive animal park simulation and competitive sports game, to be featured in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which will grant TLPC access to over 100 million more players through TLPC’s outlined social network integration. Furthermore, TLPC’s mobile platform games will also permit players to post their scores on the well-known social media, Facebook, and allow players to challenge friends and other users.

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