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Trading Penny Stocks

Trading Penny Stocks | Understanding Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks has some similarities and some important differences versus trading big-board listed stocks. It is important for stock traders to understand what makes penny stocks unique and the risks and rewards of trading penny stocks, so they can make informed penny stock trading decisions.

Trading Penny Stocks | What Is a Penny Stock and Where Do They Trade?

First off, it is important to understand what a penny stock is and where they trade. Although historically penny stocks have been known as stocks that trade for $5.00 or less, the contemporary definition of penny stocks only includes stocks that trade for less than $1.00 per share.

Next, it is important to understand that penny stocks trade mainly on stock quotation systems, rather than stock exchanges, and therefore do not have to meet the same strict listing requirements as stocks that trade on stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ). Penny stocks primarily trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (otcbb.com) and OTC Markets (otcmarkets.com / Pink Sheets) stock quotation systems. These stock quotation systems have much lower standards than stock exchanged.   The Over The Counter Bulletin Board only requires that companies be Securities and Exchange (SEC) compliant.   OTC Markets / Pink Sheets does not even have the SEC compliance stipulation for penny stocks to trade on their stock quotation system. It is anything goes on OTC Markets / Pink Sheets. To protect traders and investors, OTC Markets / Pink Sheets has its own stock categorization system that warns traders and investors about penny stocks that require additional caution.

Stocks can and sometimes do trade for under $1.00 per share on major stock exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stock Market. However, per the exchange’s strict listing requirements, stocks cannot trade below $1.00 for long, or else they are delisted. There can be some excellent penny stock rebound trading and investing opportunities for stocks that briefly trade below $1.00 on major stock exchanges.   Just be careful, because stocks only go that low on major stock exchanges due to extreme duress, and such stocks may face delisting and other negative impacts.

Trading Penny Stocks | How Penny Stocks Trade and Where To Buy Them

TradingPenny StocksTrading penny stocks is similar to trading stocks with higher price levels, with some important distinctions.   While all stocks are affected by news and momentum, these two factors are the primary variables that move penny stocks higher and lower. Most penny stocks have little, if any, revenues and earnings, so they cannot be valued in the traditional manner that stocks are valued. Instead they surge higher on good news and momentum and drop lower if bad news hits a stock and downside momentum takes over.

While there are occasionally big winning investments in penny stock companies that move on from the stock quotation systems onto major stock exchanges, the reality is that for most people, penny stocks trading is a better approach than investing. There are many penny stock trading strategies. One of the most successful ones is to get into penny stocks that are just starting to gain attention and upward momentum, and then sell when a decent trading profit becomes available.

Penny stocks can trade very rapidly. Big profits can quickly turn into losses, if a penny stock is not traded with conviction when price targets are reached. Be ready to sell and book profits, so you can find the next penny stock trading opportunity. Remember to protect your downside. You may not be able to use stop-loss orders when trading penny stocks, so be ready to manually sell penny stocks, if they a reach a level that you feel protects your downside.

Just keep in mind that you have to buy a large block of shares to trade penny stocks. While you might trade 100, 500, or 1,000 share blocks of major listed stocks, with penny stocks, you need to buy 10,000, 100,000, even 1,000,000 share blocks to control enough shares to make a trade worthwhile.

Trading Penny Stocks | Where To Trade Them

Trading StocksPenny stocks can be purchased through mainstream online brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, and E-Trade.   However, online broker’s pricing and restrictions on penny stocks vary from brokerage to brokerage, so ensure you understand their pricing policies and restrictions prior to signing up for a trading account with an online broker. If you intend to trade penny stocks on a regular basis or as a full time job, then look into one of the many boutique online brokers that cater to active penny stock traders. These boutique online brokers offer many services and trading advantages to active penny stock traders. Their enhanced services come at a price, so trading penny stocks through boutique online brokers only makes sense for active traders that can capitalize and make money using their advanced services.

Trading Penny Stocks | Big Gains Are Possible

What motivates stock traders to trade penny stocks is the reality that trading penny stocks can lead to exceptionally large gains in a short amount of time. It is not unheard of for penny stocks to go up 100 percent or even 1,000 percent within a trading session or a few trading sessions. Trade penny stocks wisely and learn all you can to become a successful penny stock trader.

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Penny Stocks

Investing in the stock market is not unlike investments of any other aspect. With every amount you are looking to invest, there is always a risk, and penny ptocks hold the very same risks as would any other type of stock or investment. Penny stocks are traded just like regular stocks, are treated the same, and are a great way for novice investors to learn how to research, what calculated risks to take, and how the markets can swing with very little financial backlash from fluctuating prices that may turn out to be good or bad investments. Read on to find out more about penny stocks and the advantages in investing in them!

penny stocksWhat are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are stock offered up by smaller companies going public, that can offer up shares of ownership in their company at a much cheaper market price. Some of the better known companies charge upwards of $100 for one share of their company stock. But penny stocks are a cheaper way to make an investment, lower your risk, and have an opportunity to make more on your investment. Make no mistake, penny stocks are fully fledged stocks that offer you the opportunity to make money at a much lower cost, usually, and lower risk than more traditional stock venues.

How do they work?

Penny stocks are exactly what they seem to be. Usually costing less than a dollar, they afford those who are looking to invest in stocks and opportunity to do so at a much cheaper cost. So say you are buying a stock worth about ten cents. You’d be able to buy 5000 shares for only about a five hundred dollar investment. So let’s say that share price over the course of a month rises to a dollar a share. In a month you would have made $5000.00 on your initial $500 dollar investment. Much easier than investing in brand name investments which may cost more and take longer to gain equity for you in the same amount of time, isn’t it? Traded and treated the same as on any other stock exchange, penny stocks offer first time investors a way to learn how to research new up and coming companies as well as diversify their stock options allowing for a greater band of success in many different companies and industries beyond what say the average person looking at stock prices would gather.

Price growth

Penny stocks, unlike regular stocks traded on the stock exchanges, can gain relatively quicker than traditional stocks. As we’ve mentioned earlier, It is much more likely for the penny stock to gain momentum and value in a shorter amount of time than let’s say a share of a better more expensive and established stock. That being said, there are no promises that the particular stocks you buy up on the penny markets, will grow to the example listed above. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, the key to any sort of successful investment comes from the research you do on the company and the products or services rendered before any money is invested, even at the lowest conceivable levels. Pay attention to what the stock is worth at current day, understand the direction and growth of the company and the industry that you are going to place your monetary confidence in. The biggest monetary return comes from the most in-depth research.

Multiple Stocks

Some of the most solid financial and investing advice I have ever been given, said never to place all of your money and resources in one company. This advice I still follow today. And the same can be understood and practiced when it comes to investing in penny stocks. In fact, the concept is easier in dealing with investing in penny stocks, because the amount of money you are investing is so small, you are able to spread it or over various companies, and in essence, you are growing your investment portfolio.

Penny stocks offer up an interesting opportunity. They give a novice investor the chance to learn the tricks of the trade, while risking very little monetarily. One can learn and experiment in trading tools, researching different industries, and learning about new products and services on the rise all the while helping to fund a company via buying up stock and selling as the market and prices change from day to day. Penny stocks offer an investor the knowledge and experience needed to become a serious and seasoned trader, who will learn from these experiences and be able to input them into the more traditional markets for bigger investments and a more solid return on their initial monetary investment. Stockrockandroll.com offers a more in-depth understanding, and allows you the user to become a savvy and well rounded penny stock investor right from the comfort of your own home!

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Your Ultimate Penny Stocks Trading Guide


Whether you are a beginner, avid day trader or just someone looking for an additional source of income, penny stocks can easily be your solution. While we have written quite the collection of penny stock related blogs, be sure to bookmark this as your definitive guide to penny stocks trading.

Nasdaq Penny Stocks

By the end of this, you’ll understand everything there is to know about penny stocks. We’ll start with what penny stocks are, how to trade penny stocks, and great hot penny stock tips. I’ll also cover other factors involved with penny stocks like Pink Sheets and OTC (Over-the-Counter), giving you everything you need to begin your penny stock trading adventures.

About Penny Stock Investments

So, you’ve decided to enter the fast paced, entertaining, sometimes lucrative world of penny stock investments. Penny stock trading breaks all the rules of traditional investing, and is a combination of timing, luck and research. While penny stock investments have the potential for abundant returns, underestimating the market flow will quickly put any delusions of grandeur to bed. For those of you readers who are perceptive investors, think of penny stocks as an opportunity for an additional income source. By understanding what to look out for you can arm yourself with the right information and techniques giving you a chance to do quite well trading penny stocks.

What Are Penny Stocks?

Initially, penny stock trading can be a confusing process to grasp. If you asked a group of investors their penny stock definition, you would most likely receive an assortment of answers all falling along the same premise. Penny stocks are priced from a few cents to five dollars a share. Those who are issued penny stock titles are usually smaller companies in the bio-chem, pharmaceutical, and medical industries (among others) who are launching new or experimental products. The investment process is simple, release a small amount of capital towards to purchase shares into a certain penny stock company for the potential of earning bountiful returns.

Any successful penny stock investor will tell you an immense amount of research is required for any potential pick. As you continue reading you will also learn how to pick penny stocks and the trading process.

Companies in the penny stock realm usually fail to meet the requirements of being included on major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), though a majority are registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). While penny stock trading can be lucrative, these specific stocks are more vulnerable to manipulation schemes due to the lack of close monitoring and regulation.

As you read on you will also learn that trading penny stocks differs to the traditional stock exchange. Penny stocks use an over-the-counter (OTC) trading system. It’s a great alternative for beginners with little upfront capital and those who love the thrill of huge risk.

Where Do You Find Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks can be found in many different listing services. Usually, penny stocks can be found on certain exchanges, OTCBB, or on pink sheets.

Exchanges: There are exchanges that list penny stocks, such as the NASDAQ, though they require all of their stocks to meet a certain criteria in order to lower the risk. Stocks listed in the NASDAQ also need to include a certain amount of financial history and market capitalization in addition to being registered with the Securities Exchange Commission.

OTCBB (Over-the-Counter Bulletin Boards): While this listing service is more lax, even the OTCBB requires that all of the stocks involved must be registered with the SEC.

Pink Sheets: one of the most popular listing services, pink sheets are both praised and avoided. It’s the only listing service to include all of the penny stocks available because it has no listing requirements whatsoever. You have access to all of the low cost stocks on the market. While there is a huge risk when trading with pink sheets, many credit this particular listing service for why they made millions investing in penny stocks.

How Are Penny Stock Investments Different?


Though they are both types of investments, penny stock trading and regular stocks have three major differences. Here’s how a penny stock investment is different:

Listing Strategy: Definitely the biggest difference between the two. Companies issuing regular stocks are listed on the major stock exchanges, like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Penny stocks complete transactions and perform all of their trading over-the-counter (OTC), which we will get into later on.

NOTE: This difference can pose a major obstacle when selecting the best penny stocks to trade. There can be instances where a company’s stock price call fall into penny stock pricing, de-listing them from major exchanges. Removal from the exchange can also occur when the company fails to meet the minimum requirements or regulations. These factors can play a huge role in stock selection for any investor in the researching stages.

Pricing Structure: I covered this major difference above while explaining what a penny stock was, but as reinforcement a stock issued for a few cents up to $5 will receive a penny stock title. It’s because of the low issuance rate that attracts so many trading beginners who initially have small amounts of capital to invest.

Company’s Financial Worth: This was briefly covered above in the listing strategy, but there are some additional caveats to consider. A company’s penny stock price will not accurately reflect a company’s financial worth. Rather than waiting for time to tell if you made the right decision after buying an overpriced or underpriced stock, penny stock investments move at a much faster pace. Penny stock investors also uncover the company’s true financial worth during their research stages before they even purchase the penny stock.

Penny Stocks For Beginners: Terms You Need to Know

What Are Pink Sheets?

For penny stock beginners, the first major term you will need to understand are pink sheets. To put it simply, these are merely lists of certain stocks printed on pink pieces of paper issued by the National Quotations Bureau (NQB). Pink sheets are the only listing service to include all of the available penny stocks. These listed stocks can also be referred to as over-the-counter (OTC). As they have no listing requirements, these pink sheet stocks do not need to be listed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).  Pink sheets are generally used by companies as an area to provide a detailed overview of their financial information, but many fail to provide little or no finance-related content making it very difficult to gauge the true risk when choosing pink sheet penny stocks.

There are many people who simply avoid pink sheets because of all the unknowns they carry. Even though they can be volatile, many penny stock millionaires credit pink sheets to being the source of their success. With that being said, those who have found success also put the necessary time into their research and source selections.

Investor’s Tip: A good idea when investing penny stocks is to buy from a company on the verge of massive growth.


While many people will tell you pink sheet penny stocks aren’t worth your time, others will vouch they are definitely worth the risk. Ultimately it is up to you and what you discover during your research phase. Because these OTC stocks can be so volatile, arming yourself with information on the company’s history and their revenue process can help you make a smarter decision. Once your research has convinced you that they are about to take off is the only time you should pull the trigger on investing.

NOTE: Definitely proceed with caution when trading in pink sheets penny stocks and take the time to do all of the research involved. Because they are no listing requirements there could be illegitimate and scam penny stocks listed with those who have the potential to take off. Find out as much as you can about any potential selection, and be sure to diversify your portfolio.

What is the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB)?

As we briefly mentioned the OTCBB earlier, you are aware that penny stocks do not need to meet the same requirements as regular stocks. Remember, you’re trading in one of the most volatile markets available, taking the time to understand every aspect is completely necessary.

Over the counter refers to stocks that are not being traded on traditional formal exchanges like the NYSE, TSX, etc. Over the counter means that the stocks are traded via a dealer network (or listing service) instead of on a centralized exchange. That’s why Pink Sheets can also be referred to as OTC’s.

Similar to pink sheets, the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board is a dealer network that the United States uses as a vehicle for trading penny stocks. Broker-dealers perform all negotiations and complete the process through the OTC BB. Keep in mind while selecting OTC penny stocks is to consider that some companies may have started on major exchanges only to be delisted. Most of the time stocks are delisted due to falling stock prices or neglecting to meet certain requirements or regulations. This is why you always need to make sure you are doing an appropriate amount of research before investing.

How to Pick Penny Stocks

More often than not your first pick will be a loss. Take it as a learning experience. Picking penny stocks relies on hours of research and perfect timing. Luck alone will not be enough to rely on if you are trying to net six figures or more.

Learning how to pick the appropriate stock should be one of your biggest concerns. Most of the time you can use a process of elimination. As you have created a list of potential stocks to pick, you’ll need to first start by immediately rejecting certain types. Here’s how you identify your “rejection list” of penny stocks:

tradingpennystocks3Be Wary of OTC Stocks: Many times these companies are facing severe financial trouble such as bankruptcy, be thorough in your research.

Disapprove of Industries: If you disapprove of how industries operate or you just don’t fully understand them, just avoid them. No stock no matter the value is worth funding something that is morally conflicting.

Lack of Earnings: Definitely be cautious on any stocks offered by a company that has earned less than $10 million a year. See if you can find any press releases or reports reflecting their lack of earnings in addition to other pertinent information that may dissuade you further.

After removing these types of companies and stocks from your list, you will be able to select the most promising ones initially basing it off of your knowledge and experience. Once you have this list created, use the tips below to identify potential penny stocks to buy and what ones look the most lucrative.

Tools of the Trade: As picking stocks usually requires a complex amount of calculations and experience, use technical, quantitative, and qualitative financial research. Be sure to also keep an eye out for technologies that will also help you simplify the process.

Cash Flow: This may be an obvious statement, but do not forget to look at the company’s cash flow generation. A good sign is to always see it consistently increasing, unless you have seen capital expenditures or purchases leading to the outcome of expansion. In those instances it’s important to see what the company has spent the money on. Is this something that will give the company higher profitability? Also, be wary of a company that just took on a new debt to increase its cash flow especially, if it has had problems generating cash in the past.

Trade Penny Stocks

There are two places you can trade penny stocks. You can either let a broker-dealer assist you in your selections or you can use an online trading platform. It’s all based on preference. Do you like the face-to-face interactions? Or are you a fan of the convenience and speed online trading offers? Besides the NASDAQ, penny stocks will not usually appear on major stock exchanges like the NYSE. The OTC will be your go-to market to see the list of penny stocks. While some stocks will meet an assortment of requirements, pink sheet penny stocks will give you the full list on all of the penny stocks available. As a beginner, your first objective when starting your penny stock trading expedition is to usually contact a broker-dealer. It’s their job to arrange for the purchase and sale of stocks you are trying to sell or buy. If you want to do this on your own, you will need to learn how to watch the stock quotes in addition to understanding the stock market order process. For those of you who are managing their own portfolio you can use moderately complex online tools and merely learn the penny stock trade through practice.

As a penny stock investor, consider yourself in a casino rather than an exchange. Because of how volatile this market is, penny stock investing can seem like a gamble at times. There have been many occurrences of where the unexpected happens and what you predict doesn’t. Just because a stock looks like it will fail doesn’t mean it will, sometimes those are the ones to skyrocket in value. At less than five dollars a share penny stock trading has a limitless amount of room for success, even with it’s difficult process. Once you understand the basics, you will be able to identify the best stocks to invest in, making huge returns and most importantly making it worth your time.

I’ve emphasized this repeatedly, but it is the most major component to consider when selecting the penny stocks you want to purchase. Research, research, research. Leave no stone unturned. Start with each company’s financial history and earnings. Then look at press releases, quarterly reports, announcements, anything you can get your hands on from each company so you can make an intelligent decision. Never base any of your decisions on hype, always take the time to find the facts. That’s how you will find yourself receiving higher returns as you fatten your portfolio.

Penny Stock Trading Tips

In order to find success when trading penny stocks there are a few tips to assist you as you begin. While we all have heard of the rumored penny stock millionaire, it is no easy feat. For those of you using penny stocks as a secondary source of income, please know that it can happen, IF you make the right decisions. Here are some great tips to follow to help you reach that million dollar return.

tradingpennystocks2Trade Quick, Trade Accurately. Penny stocks are more focused on the “now.” They move at a much faster rate, so you will need to practice on perfecting what are the right moments to buy or sell. A difference in minutes can mean the difference in a win or a loss. Look at stable upward trends and bide your time for the perfect time to strike.

Don’t Get Attached. You are not in the penny stock trade to get attached to investments and companies. Your goal is to make as much money in the company as you possibly can before selling. Forget what you learned for traditional day trading, quickly pick up on how others make their decisions. Master the penny stock trade, and collect your rewards.

Scale the Peak. Look at the day-to-day flow of the OTC market, and see where certain penny stocks are peaking. Researching the company in advance will definitely help give you a better sense of the management structure. A poorly managed company will not peak as high as a well-managed one will.

Go With You Gut. Ultimately your gut will be a determining factor. If you ask some of the most successful penny stock investors how they made millions, they will tell you the same thing. Trust your instincts but be sure to base it off of facts and not emotions.

Keep Learning, Continue Trading

Just because this blog gave you an overview of what penny stocks are doesn’t mean your investment education is over. As a penny stock investor you need to make sure you are keeping yourself updated on the latest developments, constantly looking for new techniques, tools, and software that will help you do more thorough research and make better decisions in the end. Signing up for top penny stock site newsletters will also help, as professionals give you their tips for who to pick. Like I said above though, be sure to support those tips with cold hard facts so you separate the bias with the truth. Stick to these tips and you can be sure that your time investing in penny stocks will be a fruitful one!

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Trading Penny Stocks for Increased Wealth

Trading Penny Stocks

The Risks and Rewards of Trading Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks might involve risk, but it is actually one of the best ways to improve the power of your portfolio and earn more income from the stock market. Penny stocks are known for their volatility because they are associated with companies that are, in most cases, virtually unknown. However, many of today’s most successful companies got their start by offering shares in the form of penny stocks. The investors who became involved with these companies when they were struggling were able to engage in penny stock trading more effectively than others do, which is why they enjoy tremendous wealth today. They probably heard a great deal of advice telling them to avoid penny stocks, but they certainly don’t have any regrets today — trading penny stocks put these investors on the map.

Enhance Your Success With the Proper Preparations

If you are interested in earning the amount of wealth that can come from penny stocks, you need to prepare yourself properly. You will probably lose a bit of money on penny stocks before you start to build your wealth, but this is normal. Most penny stocks are simply not meant to succeed, so the key to effective penny stock trading is to learn how to separate the rising stars from the companies that will cease to exist in the future.

Start Trading Penny Stocks Today and Join the Path to Success

With the right approach, trading penny stocks can be easy, fun and incredibly lucrative. If you are successful at investing, but you have grown weary of mainstream, middle-of-the-road stocks and securities that earn little to no income, you can probably find success in the realm of penny stocks. Trading penny stocks is not suitable for every investor, but it can help you succeed if you are willing to be patient and learn some new tricks while experiencing a few initial losses.

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Trading Penny Stocks Can Give You an Edge

Trading Penny Stocks

The Conventional Wisdom About Trading Penny Stocks

If you are looking for ways to diversify your portfolio, but you are skeptical about trading penny stocks, you are not alone. Penny stocks can be incredibly lucrative, but they also have a reputation for a high amount of risk. Since so many investors trade in a conservative manner in today’s market, penny stocks have earned an ugly reputation. Top investors claim that trading penny stocks is a sure way to lose money and position, and most experts recommend that investors stay away from such risky securities. Given this landscape, you are probably inclined to avoid penny stocks, but you might want to consider the benefits of going against conventional wisdom.

The Reality of Adding Penny Stocks to Your Portfolio

The fact of the matter is that you won’t go bankrupt trading penny stocks as long as you are careful with your other investments. If the core of your portfolio generates steady income, it should continue to do so, even if you engage in penny stock trading as a supplement to your investing strategy. Adding penny stocks can give you the diversity you need. Additionally, penny stocks can give you opportunities for extraordinary wealth that your portfolio may have been missing in the past. If you feel confident about your skills as an investor, you need not worry about going broke from dealing with these unique investments.

Trading Penny Stocks Intelligently and Profitably

When you read or listen to advice from experts in the stock market, it can be difficult to separate signal from noise. Some advice seems solid because it is parroted by so many people. However, you won’t be able to grow your portfolio in any significant way by following conventional wisdom. That is why you should consider penny stocks. Trading penny stocks might be risky, but it can also give you a chance to earn life-changing income.
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Should You Start Trading Penny Stocks?

Trading Penny Stocks

Is Trading Penny Stocks Dangerous?

After hearing all the success stories about trading penny stocks, some people are put off by the risks involved. These extremely low priced stocks offer a lot of upside to their investments but they also bring considerable risk to the table. The companies issuing these shares can fold up and disappear at a moment’s notice. Scams that take advantage of hype abound on the Internet.

Trading Penny Stocks Can Be Very Profitable

All these possibilities exist. Yet trading penny stocks is also a very profitable activity. The mathematics behind these investments attracts many investors. Skilled and experienced traders know that upside is terribly important with investments. Low-priced financial instruments technically have potential for gains that high-priced stocks lack.

If you consider a $500 stock, then it should be obvious that doubling your money would be very difficult with that investment. Conversely, a stock worth just one dollar per share needs only to gain another dollar in value before doubling its share price. These kinds of price perturbations occur all the time.

Trading penny stocks does require a great deal of your attention. If you are interested in settling your funds into a single stock or an index and waiting for retirement, then the penny stock market is not for you. When you trade penny stocks, you must keep your eye on them as long as you are invested. The profitable changes happen so fast that you must be ready to make lightning trades at any time of day.

Many penny stock traders get completely out of penny stocks at the end of the day. They do not want to hold these shares over night and lose their investment. Trading penny stocks profitably takes that kind of vigilance.

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