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TRTC Terra Tech

TRTC Terra Tech


Symbol:   TRTC

Website:  www.terratechcorp.com


Outstanding Shares:  82M

Float:                           15.9M


Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) is an Irvine, California agriculture technology company, incorporated in 2008, who engages in the design and manufacturing of horticulture equipment to provide sustainable solutions for home practitioners, indoor agriculture enterprises, and the urban agricultural industry through TRTC’s wholly owned subsidiary, GrowOP Technology.


With global population expected to reach 8 billion by 2030, food production will have to increase at least 40% to accommodate this projected population. Because of this, agriculture is commencing its migration to controlled indoor environments, also known as controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Utilized by local urban farmers, green house growers, and horticulture enthusiasts, TRTC’s products integrate hydroponic equipment with proprietary software so that indoor harvests may multiply year-round while maximizing the production of healthy and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. Additionally, TRTC will assist in the design, development, and manufacturing of cultivation system with options ranging from rooftop or vertical hydroponics, aeroponic systems, and custom designed greenhouse managements all of which TRTC will design to maximize space, be cost efficient, and most importantly, energy efficient.


While TRTC’s technology will assist in increasing the nation’s harvest production, TRTC’s subsidiary is utilizing the same technology to extend their knowledge to the growing medicinal marijuana industry which is estimated to reach a U.S retail value of $113 billion, topping the tobacco, beer, and spirits industries, as medical marijuana is currently legal in 16 states and 10 additional states with pending legislation.


As a result of TRTC’s intense involvement, TRTC recently signed an agreement with the largest U.S urban agricultural retail franchise group, Family Hydroponics. Together, TRTC will create a proprietary brand of agricultural equipment, launch a combined online store, and create strategic acquisitions.

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