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VVIT Vista International Technologies

VVIT Vista International Technologies


Symbol:              VVIT

Website:            www.vvit.us


Outstanding Shares:       12.2M

Float:                                    5.3M


Vista International Technologies Inc. (VVIT) is a Colorado headquartered renewable energy technology company who engages in the development of environmentally friendly infrastructures that produces heat, steam, and electricity with the aid of VVIT’s patented technology, the Thermal Gasifier.


VVIT’s multi-patented technology, the Thermal Gasifier, will convert any solid carbon based materials, municipal solid waste, waste coal, sewage sludge, waste tires, animal waste, and waste biomass into thermal energy and electricity while capturing all the pollutants. Because VVIT’s technology is capable of capturing pollutants, VVIT is aiding the global mission to reduce the use of fossil fuels, reduce the Earth’s carbon footprint, clean up problem waste and landfills, and help industries reduce energy costs.  For this purpose, VVIT was Selected for a Pilot Project in the Northeastern U.S wherefore VVIT has already Received Funding for Pilot Project and has recently Begun Construction to showcase VVIT’s innovative technology. The current construction of VVIT’s Waste to Energy Project of an ultra-portable, mobile gasification unit is Resulting in High Interest, specifically in Central Europe, to take VVIT’s technology across seas in addition to VVIT’s technology already being installed in three continents.


Recently, VVIT announced an Update on the Project where VVIT has received requests from four separate entities for more information and a demonstration of VVIT’s waste-to-energy technology as they are eagerly awaiting the final construction. This high interest for VVIT’s technology coincides with VVIT’s sentiments on placing greater weight on the efficiency of the technology and meeting the current and future environmental standards.

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