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Where to Invest in Penny Stocks with Your Hot Tips

Where To Invest In Penny Stocks

Knowing Where to Invest in Penny Stocks Solves Part of the Problem

Knowing where to invest in penny stocks takes careful study and a flair for catching trends, but on another level of meaning, you could invest from anywhere. Consider doing your grueling research aboard your working yacht in the Mediterranean. Mobile connectivity allows you Internet access wherever your demanding job might take you: the Caribbean, South Beach, Beacon Hill, or Monte Carlo. Penny stocks offer a real path to wealth, so you must follow your nose.

All investments carry risks, so you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Only penny stocks offer the kinds of opportunities that return multiples of your original investment within short time periods. These volatile stocks trade on the Pink Sheets or OTC Bulletin Board. Remember that companies could list on the Pink sheets even if they have no sales, so you need to do your homework. Lack of sales does not preclude stocks from making good investments. Biotech firms could be in the testing phase of production, and oil companies might strike oil and gas at any moment.

Where to Invest in Penny Stocks: Any Broker

Different definitions describe penny stocks, but stockbrokers generally define them as stocks trading below $5 per share. Regulatory agencies define penny stocks as those that trade under $2 per share, but many investors hold to the classic definition that defines these stocks as those that trade under $1 or for pennies. Regardless of how you define penny stocks, only undervalued companies offer life-changing opportunities for investors.

Any broker can execute penny-stock trades, and if your broker tries to discourage you from the Pink Sheets or OTC Board trading, consider finding another broker. The days when brokers’ advice limited your choices has passed into history, and amateur investors can study the market with access to the same resources their professional counterparts get. The real challenge involves finding undervalued companies instead of where to invest in penny stocks.

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Where to Invest In Penny Stocks

Where to Invest In Penny Stocks Depends Upon Your Investment Style

Where to Invest In Penny Stocks

An investor or trader who is looking to invest or trade in penny stocks has many questions, such as where to invest in penny stocks?  The answer to this important question regarding where to invest in penny stocks depends upon one’s investment or trading style.

If one is a long term investor or a casual investor or trader, then any number of well known brand name stock brokerages such as Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade, or E-Trade are suitable for penny stocks investing and trading.  Unlimited shares of penny stocks can be bought and sold online for one flat fee of $10 or less through many brokerages.  These same brokerages also offer a great deal of information about penny stock companies, such as company contact information, company news releases, share structure, filing status, and if they are a Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting company, company SEC filings.

For more active traders, the question regarding where to invest in penny stocks is a bit more complicated.  For additional fees, the brand name stock brokerages offer higher levels of trading services that can greatly aid active traders with getting into and out of penny stocks at specific price points, including Level II Quotes that provide all of the best bid and best ask quotes and the associated order sizes for a stock.  Some even offer proprietary trading products that let one test out penny stock trading techniques.  This level of service is suitable for most penny stocks investors and traders.

For penny stock traders who want even more control over their trades and want to be able to get into and out of penny stock positions at a rapid pace and at specific price points without delay, direct access trading systems (DATs) might be the best way to trade penny stocks.  DATs trades cost more, but the additional order routing control and order execution speed make DATs worthwhile for highly active traders.  DATs make it possible for a trader to route a stock penny stock order directly to a market maker, a specialist, or electronic communication networks (ECNs), which provides much faster order execution than online brokers.

Most United States based brokers that facilitate trading in penny stocks do not allow margin buying and shorting of penny stocks.  Traders that wish to buy penny stocks on margin or short (sell short) penny stocks, should consider opening up an overseas penny stock trading account for additional trading flexibility.

Where to Invest In Penny Stocks – Some Investors Open a Separate Account

Some investors and traders find the easiest way to separate their regular investments and trading in NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks and investments and trading in penny stocks is to open a separate account.  This provides a firewall between pools of money that have been set aside by an investor or trader for a specific purpose, such as long term investing in listed stocks and investing and trading in penny stocks.  It also helps investors and traders to keep their profit and loss results straight from different investing strategies.  Ultimately, where to invest in penny stocks depends upon one’s level of investing and trading activity and whether they want to separate their penny stock investing and trading from their other investment accounts.

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