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WTII Water Technologies International

WTII Water Technologies International


Symbol:                              WTII.pk

Outstanding Shares:       62.8M

Float:                                    31.5M


Water Technologies International Inc. (WTII) is a Florida based company comprised of two subsidiaries, GR8 Water and Aqua Pure International, which engages in the manufacturing and distribution of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). This patent pending technologically advanced device utilizes an air purifying input system to produce safe, pure, clean, and drinkable water taken directly from the atmosphere.


WTII’s AWG units are made for home, office or industrial use with each producing thousands of gallons per day. The advanced filtration system built into each of WTII’s unit generates 99.9% of the purest water available in the world making it free from any foreign matter or inorganic material and ensures all microorganisms and bacteria are eliminated.


WTII’s revolutionary product is meeting the high demand of freshwater by taking the estimated 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water directly from our Earth’s atmosphere and converting it into potable water as the United Nations is estimating that by the year 2025, 48 nations or 2.8 billion people will face scarcity of clean water.


Why does SR&R foresee WTII to be a successful play?


  • Water makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface, but as the global population reached 7 billion in 2011, the amount of safe water is declining as only 1% of the water is consumable.
  • The demand for fresh and clean water is increasing as the global death rate of water-related diseases has reached over 3.5 million people a year; WTII’s AWG could reduce this unfortunate number and save the lives of many people by providing clean and safe water taken directly from the air.
  • The global issue is not of water scarcity, yet, but it is currently the issue of access to water supply tools. 884 million people, or 1 out of 8 people, worldwide do not have these necessary tools; ONE of WTII’s home units can produce 7 gallons of pure and clean drinking water per day!
  • WTII’s AWG commercial unit can produce 3,500 gallons per day and serves a double purpose with 150 tons of high-volume air conditioning!
  • The average cost of water per gallon at the grocery store is $0.90 and $2.24 per gallon for privately labeled water such as Fiji or Poland Spring. One gallon of WTII’s purified water costs $.08 cents per gallon!
  • According to research, the global demand for water treatment products will increase 6.2% per year, reaching $65 billion by 2015; ; By 2083, an estimated 10 billion people will inhabit the Earth, but as the years progress, the infrastructure in developing countries are deteriorating, leaking, and contaminating the water available.
  • Research has stated that over 80% of sewers in developing countries are untreated thus polluting lakes, rivers, and coastal areas; WTII is providing an eco-friendly alternative to draw water straight from the air and produce safe, drinkable water.
  • WTII’s units are proving to be an instant success, therefore, WTII recently completed an agreement to provide 100% financing to WTII customers and provide an alternative to the water cooler!
  • The United Nations is estimating that by the year 2025, 48 nations or 2.8 billion people will face scarcity of clean water; WTII can reduce the water scarcity by drawing the 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water readily available from the atmosphere.


Website:   www.gr8water.net

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