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OREO American Liberty Petroleum

American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OREO): Tapping into Nevada’s Oil and Gas Potential

Founded in 2008, American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OREO) is a dynamic acquisition, drilling, and production company based in Bakersfield, California. With a strong commitment to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, OREO has set its sights on the under-explored state of Nevada, recognizing the immense potential it holds.

This initiative aligns with President Obama’s goal to decrease U.S. oil imports by a third before 2022, and OREO is working diligently to harness the abundant resources lying beneath American soil.

Exploring Nevada’s Oil and Gas Riches

OREO’s primary focus is on oil and natural gas properties located within Nevada. Currently holding three key leases in the state, OREO’s holdings are poised to rival some of California’s leading oil producers. Their determination to tap into Nevada’s potential is a testament to their dedication to national energy security.

  1. Gabbs Valley Prospect: Covering an expansive 6,397 acres, the Gabbs Valley Prospect is strategically situated on Nevada’s Cobble Cuesta structure. This geological formation is estimated to house reserves exceeding a staggering 4 billion barrels of oil. OREO’s presence here reflects their commitment to harnessing this vast resource.
  2. Kibby Flat Prospect: Spanning 7,270 acres, the Kibby Flat Prospect is located in the Monte Cristo basin of Nevada. Geologist reports from 2008 indicate the potential for recovery reserves as high as 669 million barrels of oil. OREO recognizes the significance of this prospect in contributing to their mission of energy independence.
  3. Cortez Lease: OREO’s recent acquisition of the 3,840-acre Cortez lease, situated near the Gabbs Valley Prospect, holds immense promise. This lease also includes the acquisition of the Paradise 2-12 well, which, according to mud logs, contains multiple zones with live oil. OREO is actively conducting due diligence on all these properties, with plans to commence pumping operations and completion activities in the very near future.

Aiming for Energy Independence

OREO’s endeavors in Nevada’s oil and gas sector represent a proactive step towards reducing America’s reliance on foreign oil sources. By strategically identifying and developing promising properties in the state, they contribute to the broader goal of enhancing national energy security. As they work to maximize the production potential of American soil, OREO stands as a testament to the spirit of innovation and determination driving the energy sector towards a sustainable and self-reliant future.

Conclusion: A Commitment to America’s Energy Future

In the pursuit of energy security and the reduction of foreign oil dependence, American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OREO) has emerged as a pivotal player in the American energy landscape.

Founded in 2008, OREO’s unwavering commitment to exploring and exploiting the oil and natural gas resources in the under-explored state of Nevada aligns with broader national goals. President Obama’s call to decrease U.S. oil imports by a third before 2022 finds a dedicated partner in OREO.

With holdings in the Gabbs Valley Prospect, Kibby Flat Prospect, and the recent Cortez Lease acquisition, OREO has strategically positioned itself to unlock Nevada’s vast energy potential.

The Cobble Cuesta structure, the Monte Cristo basin, and the Paradise 2-12 well are all poised to contribute significantly to OREO’s mission and, by extension, America’s energy independence.

As OREO diligently conducts its due diligence on these properties and prepares for pumping operations and completion activities, it exemplifies the spirit of innovation and determination that propels the energy sector toward a more sustainable and self-reliant future.

In the years ahead, the success of OREO’s endeavors may well prove to be a pivotal step in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, enhancing energy security, and securing a brighter, more self-reliant energy future for the nation.

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