*UPDATE* Tips For Saving Money

Brian Roy

Tips for saving money

With a recovering economy, it’s important to try to maintain our standards of living while still being able to enjoy life every once in awhile. Regardless of what the news may say, the economy will pick up again once your bank accounts and wallet see growth. Of course we can’t stop living, there just needs to be more of a sense of frugality among the general populace.

Saving money doesn’t have to be the only objective to your life, you should be able to enjoy your days as well. There are plenty of different tips for saving money while shopping, and even on those occasional vacations! By the time you have finished reading this, your brain will be packed with ideas for saving money while still having fun!

Become a Smart Shopper

There are many different ways that you can accomplish this. The most important characteristic of any smart shopper is patience. Throw all of those impulsive buying habits out the door, and begin learning the ways of a shopping samurai.

The resources are available, you just need to know what to look for. One of the best ways to shop while saving money is to sleep on it. Take the time to weigh out the pros and cons to determine its true value. Its amazing how many people have saved hundreds of dollars on silly purchases that were all based on impulse.

Another way to get what you need while saving money is to comparison shop. Any smart shopper knows that if one store has an item for a certain price, you’re more than likely able to get it for cheaper at another. Drop the mindset “well I’m here I may as well,” and start thinking “Why should I spend my hard earned cash here, when I can get it for less a few minutes down the road?” If you start asking the latter to yourself each and every day, you will basically recondition your subconscious to automatically find the best price every time.

Now, if you are a striving smart shopper who owns a smartphone, you have an arsenal bigger than Batman’s to help save you money. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. Always look at the “Reviews” and “Ratings” of each app to see what current users think. This can give you an idea of which ones to stay away from. Smartphone apps also make comparison shopping a cinch with their collection of barcode scanning apps that will actually show you how much the scanned product will cost at surrounding stores.

Saving money doesn’t have to be a difficult stressful task. It can make life much easier with almost everything, like grocery shopping.

Save Money Grocery Shopping

It’s no secret that everyone immediately begins cutting coupons when thinking about their grocery shopping. While coupons do help, they can also be unnecessary. If you are going to cut coupons, consider if you really need the product you’re saving “75 cents” on. There are many times shoppers can wind up spending more money by inadvertently doing this.

A great way to still grocery shop while saving money is to plan out your week. Take a moment to write down the meals that you would need to cook throughout the week and what the recipes call for. Look through your pantry to see if you already have a few of the ingredients. Add the necessities to the list such as toiletries, food storage and any cleaning supplies you need.

Having a list beforehand benefits you in many ways. For starters, you now have everything you need written in one area. You are not wandering the aisles constantly thinking “Did I need that? What about this? Wasn’t I supposed to get this?” It’s happened to us all before and it’s caused us all a heap of unnecessary spending. The other benefit to the list is you now have some direction when browsing through coupons. Whether they are paper, online, or mobile coupons you will know what to look out for to save more in the end.

Now, with all the money you’ve been saving from smarter shopping why not treat the family to a little vacation? With the right amount of creativity you can make long lasting memories with the family without breaking the bank.

UPDATE- Five New Tips For Saving Money

This fall season doesn’t have to be an expensive one. With everyone trying to budget and save to add some extra cushioning to their holiday spendings. Here’s some new ideas and great tips to save money on almost everything you do! Just keep in mind that sometimes, certain alternatives can wind up costing you more. It is always a good idea to sit down and actually compare the two costs side by side.

Here’s our latest list of tips for saving money:

Carpool, carpool, carpool. – Whether its dropping your kids off at school or you and a group of co-workers heading to the office, carpooling can definitely help you save a couple of extra bucks each week.

Keep less appliances on. – A great way to lower costs for the rest of the year is by using less energy for your appliances. Your computer or phone don’t always have to be plugged in, and your lights don’t have to be on all day. Even look into when the peak energy use times are so you can schedule your washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer runs around it to avoid higher rates.

Lower the heat, cozy up by the fire. – If you are a homeowner lucky enough to have a working fireplace, use it! Firewood is pretty cost efficient, and can definitely help lower your heating bill.

Quit the gym, go running outside- Get the blood pumping every morning with a refreshing jog or other outdoor fitness routine. This will help you still stay fit, without the costly membership fees.

Get a free flu shot. – For those of you who have a decent immunity system, a flu vaccination could be one of the best decisions you make. Do you realize how much money we spend on prescriptions, cold medications, doctor’s visits, and health insurance?? Avoid all of that with a free shot!

Your Money Saving Tips Wrap Up

Don’t become overwhelmed by all of these ideas. These are just some simple money saving methods that I have used in the last few years alone. A wise man once said, “We have been conditioned to work hard and reward ourselves using the money earned.

Ultimately our reward shouldn’t be a purchase, but a pile of money saved for future opportunities.” In the end, think logically and really consider if this purchase is worth it. In the end you’ll know whether or not it’s a smart purchase. Try a couple of these ideas out this summer, I bet you will be shocked on how much you save!

Do you have any ways to save money you didn’t see here? Let us know and tell us your ultimate saving solutions!

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