The Art Of Picking Penny Stocks

Brian Roy

Picking Penny Stocks

Picking Penny Stocks Successfully

People differ as to whether picking penny stocks is an art or a science. Let them bicker about it while you learn how to tell the difference between a dud and a stock that is ready to break out. Hone your skills and add to your knowledge about stocks while keeping in mind a few, key things to remember before investing your money in one of these high-risk, high-potential stocks.

It is not often difficult to find information about penny stocks. You can make the act of picking penny stocks easier and more likely of success if you focus your investments only in shares that share a significant amount of information with the public. If a penny stock does not have a lot to say about itself or its performance, then you should avoid putting your money into it.

Things to Look For When Picking Penny Stocks

Look at the balance sheet of the company behind the penny stock before you buy it. Review how much cash the company has and how much debt it carries. Determine for yourself if it has enough resources to carry out its plans. If it does not, then you already know that investment would be a waste of money.

Investigate the stocks past performance. Picking penny stocks is not brain surgery. If the stock has never performed well, you have no reason to think it will in the future. If it has ever been worth more than it is at the moment you discovered it, then you can determine if it is likely to repeat that trend.

Examine the sector in which the penny stock operates. If it is from a sector that is presently hot, such as health care or energy, then it stands a good chance of outperforming stocks from other sectors. You can make picking penny stocks easier when you keep in mind that investments in older sectors of industry do not fare as well as investments in things like technology and energy production.

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